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  • About midway through the Architecture of New York walking seminar, Context docents visit Grand Central Station.
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  • Bryant Park is one of a series of architectural landmarks included in our Architecture of New York walk

Walk Description

New York is one of the world’s busiest and most dynamic cities. Millions of people work, live, and play in the city on a daily basis. This family-focused walking tour, led by an educator, practicing architect or preservationist, explores the building blocks of the city- skyscrapers, streets, trains, and parks.

Using the 42nd Street corridor and such iconic structures and public spaces as Grand Central Terminal, the Daily News Building, and Times Square as our textbook, together we will learn about urban planning and how these fundamental elements work together. Utilizing such activities as "learning to look" games and sketching- designed for children and their parents to participate together- we will learn how to "read" architecture and discover what the structural and decorative elements of a building, bridge or park can tell us about how it was made and what it is used for.

As with all of our family programs, the material will be tailored to the level and interests of the youngest participants. We ask that you tell us as much as you can about the current studies and learning styles of your children, so that your docent can customize the experience to best suit your family.

Duration: 3 hours
Category: Family Program
  • Matico_josephson-lowres_thumb

    Matico Josephson

    Matico Josephson has been a student of New York's built environment for as long as he can remember, and an explorer of the city's nooks and crannies for even longer. His curiosity has found an outlet in the History of Architecture, in which he has recently been pursuing a Ph.D. at NYU's Institute of Fine Arts. He will prepare a dissertation on modern architecture in Spain.

  • Michelle_20cianfaglione_thumb

    Michelle Cianfaglione

    Michelle Cianfaglione received her undergraduate degree in architecture from the University at Buffalo and her masters in architecture from the University of Pennsylvania. During her education, she traveled extensively through Italy and Japan studying art and architecture. She is a third generation New Yorker who lives and breathes the culture of the city. Michelle is a published artist, avid photographer, and a member of Design in 5, which is affiliated with the Architectural League of New York. She began her career at Studio Daniel Libeskind and is currently teaching architecture at the New York Institute of Technology while practicing architecture here in NYC.