Walk Description

The quiet side streets of the Haut Marais district, as the upper part of the 3rd arrondissement is known, form the backdrop of one of Paris' most exciting gastronomic districts. A mixture of old fashioned markets and wine bars, along with cutting edge boutiques, hip cafes, and innovative food shops, make the Haut Marais emblematic of what's being called the Parisian Bobo, short for bourgeois-bohemian. During this 2.5-hour walk in the company of a local chef, sommelier or food writer, we will explore the culinary lifestyle of the Bobo and discuss how gastronomic traditions are evolving in Paris today.

As we work our way through the area, we will discover it through the perspective of a Bobo. Living in small apartments on these narrow winding streets and with their busy lifestyles, it’s difficult to cook; therefore, they rely more on external shops, cafés and restaurants than inhabitants of other districts. The bourgeois in them wants the highest quality, while the bohemian craves contemporary flair and international originality.

Stopping in at “their” shops we will in essence be learning about and gathering the items for a Bobo apéro, or small bites pre-dinner snacks. We may stop in an excellent modern purveyor to pick up some wild salmon or top grade Iberian ham. We will visit one of the hottest chocolate makers to select jewel-like bonbons. We may stop by the city's leading spice and oil boutiques where the city's top chefs acquire their saffron or vanilla. We will also visit the oldest covered market in Paris, Le Marché des Enfants Rouges, established by royal decree in 1615, now mostly filled with trendy ethnic food or organic stands, which will help us understand how traditions endure, though shift and still remain relevant today.

We will also see some of the newer restaurants and shops, such as Candelaria with its Mexican tacos and hidden cocktail bar, Nanashi with its modern bento boxes or Popelini with its reinvention of Parisian choux pastry. We will sit down at the end over a glass of wine to sample our wares, coming full circle in our discovery of the Parisian Bobo.

Duration: 2.5 hours
Category: Cuisine
Venues: Various specialty food shops
Additional Costs:
  • Tasting fee - €15.00 (mandatory)

    This per-person charge is for the food you will be sampling during the course of the walk.

  • A_j_barc_08_2_thumb

    Alisa Morov

    Alisa Morov moved to France from L.A. over ten years ago and shifted her career from fashion to food. Her talent for American desserts led her to create her own catering company, Sweet Pea Baking, in 2006. Starting a trend for American baking in Paris, she was quickly recruited by French publishing house Marabout and has written three cookbooks so far. In addition to leading culinary walks she also teaches market based seasonal French cooking classes.

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    Preston Mohr

    Preston Mohr first arrived in Paris in 2003 to spend a year abroad while earning his BA in art history and French studies from the University of Minnesota. He has worked in many fields, including property management, fashion, and education, however, wine, gastronomy, and the French art de vivre have always been the focal point of his existence in Paris. Preston is an associate member of the Institute of Wines and Spirits (IWS) and has earned the Diploma from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET), becoming a sommelier. Preston offers wine tastings, excursions, and other gourmet wanderings using his knowledge gained from extensive travels and studies in France.

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    Stephan Lublin

    Born in Toledo, Ohio, Stephan attended the legendary Le Cordon Bleu in Paris in 2008 and he graduated with honors in both cuisine and pastry. The following year he furthered his culinary education by studying wine and spirits at both Le Cordon Bleu and the Wine and Spirits Education Trust based in London. Returning to the US for two years, Stephan worked as a sommelier and chef in two restaurants in Ohio. Although Paris is considered a "moveable feast," Stephan decided to enjoy it in the city in which it was meant to be enjoyed, and recently moved back to Paris where he now works as private chef and caterer.