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Walk Description

Paris is widely considered a top destination for gastronomes from around the world. In perhaps no other culture than in France is food such a vital aspect of daily life. By walking Paris markets with one of our culinary experts, we will explore this food philosophy at its source on this 2.5-hour experience.

  • Small group walks of no more than six people.
  • Led by a trained chef, sommelier or food writer.
  • Explore French market traditions in-depth.

On the walk

Your food docent (either a chef, cookbook author, food journalist, or Parisian epicure) will take you through the Marché d'Aligre, a neighborhood market, little visited by tourists and much coveted by locals. Just like every French town, every Parisian district has its own weekly, bi-weekly, or quasi-daily market. As we stroll amongst the stalls, our discussion will touch on a variety on themes such as how the market functions, food provenance and the concept of terroir (the character of the soil), or how Parisians shop for their food and the impact of this on the French diet and gastronomic philosophy.

Take Aways

We will also discover and sample some of the various delectable wares on display such as artisan raw-milk cheeses so special they're unavailable anywhere else in the world, charcuterie and homemade paté, and row upon row of carefully arranged seasonal and exotic fruit. We'll spend some time with the lively vegetable vendors from France and North Africa, pick through the displays of Atlantic and Mediterranean seafood, or even taste some mouthwatering olives from Provence or Italy.

After some time in the market, we may also visit some of the specialty food stores or historic cafes in the neighborhood. These sites will compliment our experience and help pull together this fascinating narrative of French food and life.

Please note any food allergies or intolerances in the Notes box when booking.

Duration: 2.5 hours
Category: Cuisine
Venues: Marché d'Aligre
Additional Costs:
  • Market tasting fee - $16 (mandatory)

    This per-person charge is for the food you will be sampling during the course of the walk.

  • Philippeengammare_thumb

    Philippe Engammare

    Native Parisian Philippe Engammare's love affair with food and cooking began when he was six years old. By the time he was eight, he was preparing entire meals for an eight-person family. Today he runs a catering and teaching organization called "Paris Chef" and leads market walks and other culinary programs for Context. As a rule, Philippe does all of his food shopping exclusively on bicycle at his neighborhood stores and markets. Visit his website at www.parischef.fr

  • A_j_barc_08_2_thumb

    Alisa Morov

    Alisa Morov moved to France from L.A. over ten years ago and shifted her career from fashion to food. Her talent for American desserts led her to create her own catering company, Sweet Pea Baking, in 2006. Starting a trend for American baking in Paris, she was quickly recruited by French publishing house Marabout and has written three cookbooks so far. In addition to leading culinary walks she also teaches market based seasonal French cooking classes.

  • Marion_flipo_thumb

    Marion Flipo

    Marion Flipo was virtually born in the kitchen. From a young age she has been passionate about cooking and even wrote her first cookbook as a child. A dream come true, her first "real" cookbook will be published in early 2013. This gastronomic enthusiasm led to creating her own food blog www.marionadecouvert.com (in French) and after obtaining a degree in business she put that knowledge to use working for an organic food company, followed by a stint at Tartes Kluger, a well-known Parisian tart shop. She is now one of the menu designers for Ladurée restaurants. Marion adores sharing French cuisine with visitors on her market tours and cooking classes.

  • Prestonmohraiwsamawaterways_thumb

    Preston Mohr

    Preston Mohr first arrived in Paris in 2003 to spend a year abroad while earning his BA in art history and French studies from the University of Minnesota. He has worked in many fields, including property management, fashion, and education, however, wine, gastronomy, and the French art de vivre have always been the focal point of his existence in Paris. Preston is an associate member of the Institute of Wines and Spirits (IWS) and has earned the Diploma from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET), becoming a sommelier. Preston offers wine tastings, excursions, and other gourmet wanderings using his knowledge gained from extensive travels and studies in France.