Context is the most sophisticated travel aid we have ever found. The walks are informed, stimulating and discreet. It's like traveling with a trusted friend, never like the dreaded herded masses.
Follow up service after the walk is also amazing, in that someone is always there by phone or email to assist as new questions arise.

With time for just one Context walk, we chose the Food Tour for obvious reasons, and from your very informative website, we learned our docent is also an architect. The flexibility of a private walk allowed freedom to pose questions and discuss other aspects of what we encountered on our visit, which played brilliantly into my offbeat interests in mid-century architecture and social development in the late 20th century. Nikitas was the perfect representative for this, as a gracious and gregarious host who lives and breathes the city. His observations and insights enhanced the rest of our three weeks in Greece, finding ourselves better prepared for more of what we subsequently encountered on our journey.
THAT'S where Context Shines!!!!

John Barry-September 2014-Athens

The website is easy to navigate and the tour options are terrific; I appreciate the impressive, carefully selected docents. We took a July 3, 2014 tour of Oxford, and thought Isabella was wonderful. Intimately familiar with Oxford--its history, architecture, culture (centuries old and contemporary alike), lore, geography--she also was a thoroughly delightful, bright, and entertaining person. I will definitely use Context tours again.

Karen Avrich - London- July 2014

Be careful. Once you've taken a Context tour you'll be spoiled.

Marc Randolph, Founder of Netflix and Context client since 2004

Your pro-active service has been excellent and not matched by any other company in any other field I have been involved with recently. Your website is user friendly and the options which you offer are very broad indeed. I like the ethos of he company and that numbers are limited to keep tour intimate--which I'd say is one of the most important aspects when you have guides who really do know what they are talking about.

Steven Burke, May 2014 - Istanbul

I am such a fan of Context. There is no question that my experience in Berlin was greatly enhanced by our tours with Context. You do such a wonderful job of finding good people who really know their subject matter, and are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge. I will always do a tour with you if you offer them in any city to which I travel.

Susan Levine, April 2014 - Berlin

On both occasions when I've used Context, I've really appreciated the ease and speed of booking a tour. The entire process is also very well organized -- specifics about where to meet the guide, questions about the interests of the tour participants, etc. Eliminating this kind of confusion is very important in a foreign country where one may not be comfortable with the language.

Carolyn Gold, March 2014 - Tokyo

We have enjoyed guides from Context Travel in Rome, Florence, Istanbul and now, Madrid. The ease of the process in requesting a guide is unparalleled. The deep knowledge and respect for the cultures revealed is of the highest quality. And the additional consideration of sustainability is very welcome.

Marcheta Gillam, March 2014 - Madrid

From beginning to end, we felt the personal touch of Context. While the website was easy to use and very informative, having the personal email connection (to ask questions, and even to inform our guide when we were running late) created a stress free holiday tour. Flavie Thomas was a wonderful guide and engaged our daughter immediately. I could see the surprise and joy as my 5 year old realized this special tour of Montmartre was for her, not the grown-ups (though we loved it too!). We will tell everyone about our Context tour and look forward to future tours when we return!

Pamela Venzke, March 2014 - Paris

This tour was the second I've taken through Context but the first where I needed to contact your customer service team. I emailed and got an extremely prompt reply with clear instructions. I love your small group sizes and the depth of information presented by the docents. I would wholeheartedly recommend Context to my friends and family. Any time I plan a trip, I check to see if Context is there. In fact, I am adding places to my travel list just because I found Context tours I want to take there.

Megan Allen, January 2014 - Rome

This was truly a memorable day.  Alex and Frank (our driver) were both consummate professionals.  We were comfortable from the moment we met them both.  We were so appreciative of Alex's collaborative approach--he took time when we met to gauge our levels of knowledge and how we wanted to approach the day.  Alex's level of expertise is exceptional and his personal ties to this region made this a very special experience.  He was charming and informative and we enjoyed every minute of our day with him.  He transformed our visit to Normandy into a compelling living history lesson--we both learned more in one day than either of us learned in all our years in school!  And, the way he and Frank worked together and coordinated our day enabled us to see more in one day than we ever could have fit in on our own.  This was a tour we debated taking at great length because of the cost.  However, we are so glad we did it--it was an amazing experience and a highlight of our trip!

Elizabeth Rizzotti, April 2013- Normandy

 Jirina was excellent! She is a walking encyclopedia of Prague and Czech history. She knew Prague like the back of her hand, showing us several quiet spots in a city that tourists are loving to death. She deviated slightly from a Prague history tour, but it added value. She threw in a little folklore and information about what makes Czech citizens tick. It helped with our understanding. 

William Roderick, October 2012 - Prague

The broad array of walks and dates available as well as the addition of walks on request is an excellent service. The website is excellent, easy to use, and itineraries are readily accessible.  The philosophy on the walks provides insights that would not otherwise be readily available. The docent expertise adds meaning and value to the experience. 

Robert Clary, October 2012

Just wanted to let you know that we totally enjoyed Sophie Nellis' tour of Montmartre today.  She did an excellent job of conveying a huge amount of fascinating information in a way that left us wanting to hear more!  The time literally flew by and when we parted we felt like we were saying goodbye to a good friend.  Sophie went out of her way to chat individually with each of the folks in the group and to make sure everyone got out of the tour what they needed, then to make sure folks were "pointed in the right direction" after the tour was over (including some suggestions on places to go and things to do).  Context Travel was more than capably represented by this delightful young lady.

Bob and Sue Sans, July 2012- Paris

Unquestionably the best guided visit to an attraction we have ever had. What made it work best was our docent. His knowledge and enthusiasm throughout the tour made for a truly memorable experience.

Dennis Locke, June 2012- London

This was just the tour we needed to begin our Italy tour.  Nadia taught us what to look for in Renaissance and Gothic art.  Our 11-year-old daughter was completely taken by the saints and how they are identified through their icons.  The knowledge we acquired through our time with Nadia helped us better appreciate the art we experienced in other museums and churches throughout our two weeks in Italy.

Darcia Cole- June 2012- Venice