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For the second year in a row, we have been selected as a Top Travel Specialist for our exceptional walking seminars.

Voyeur Magazine


Away from the queues, the madding crowds and the restaurant menus printed in six different languages, there is a slice of Florence Italy's artisans call home. Context Travel shows Shaney Hudson the Oltrarno.

-October 2011

Conde Nast Traveler


Founder, Paul Bennett is a Conde Nast Traveler Top Travel Specialist for 2010.

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Private Clubs Magazine


Scholar-led Walks In a city with plenty of umbrella-led tours, Context stands out with a more intellectual alternative — walking seminars limited to six people, led by scholars and historians. Among its new offerings: “Italian Wines: A Comparison,” in which you explore the wine bars of the newly trendy Monti neighborhood; and “Savoring Rome: A Culinary Stroll,” which takes you on a tasting tour through the city’s historic center, with stops at a traditional coffee shop, a gelateria, a street food stand, and eateries in the Jewish ghetto.

American Style Magazine | Arts Travel


Think of it as a walking classroom. You can now learn about Philadelphia's art, culture and history by foot. —November 2009

Elite Traveler


“Top Guide Context Tours offers walking seminars lead by professors, art restorers, architects, and other Roman pros.” —September 2009



“What $500 buys in Paris ... exactly 1.7 private two-hour tours of the Kandinsky retrospective opening April 8 at the Centre Pompidou ... organized by cultural touring specialist Context Travel.” —March/April 2009

Millionaire Asia


“ Context Travel specialises in walking tours for small groups of not more than six person who are intellectually curious. To feed this curiosity beyond the superficial, Context Travel engages guides who are usually scholars and experts in a certain field....” —Spring 2009



“Don't call them tours. Led by profesors, historians, and doctoral candidates, all English-speaking, these scholarly−but by no means dryly academic−explorations are far more profound than the usual city walkabout.” —Spring 2009

Budget Travel


“It's no coincidence that rivers run through many of the world's leading cities. Case in point- London. A new walking tour, the Tides of Time, traces the evolving relationship between the scity and the Thames.” —September 18, 2008

Area Daily


“[Context's Chocolate Walk] will take you to the crème de la crème of Paris' pastry and chocolate shops, where you'll find the finest breads, pastries, candies and chocolate confections in the world. Along with seeing firsthand how these unique confections are made, there will be plenty of samples to taste, and your guide (either a chef or food writer) will be on hand to help you make purchases.” —September 15, 2008

Luxury Travel Advisor


“Context Travel is known for its walking tours for the intellectually curious led by scholarly guides with a sense of fun. Now, Context is offering its Out of Context programs, including some very special beyond-the-ordinary activities.” —September 2008



An article on the 9th arrondissement of Paris featuring an interview with Peter Miller, who leads our New Bohemia (Paris of the Romantics)walk. —September 2008

France Magazine


“Context Paris takes a more scholarly approach, providing services such as in-depth guides to particular museum collections. Tours are conducted by young English-speaking art historians, architects and other academics who bring alive the city's museums, cathedrals, architecture and history.” —Spring 2008

Black Ink


“Context Travel connects globe-trotters with a network of authors, architects, artists, historians, and curators, each with dizzyingly impressive credentials. In Italy alone, Context counts 59 Ph.D.’s and 41 M.A.’s.” —Spring 2008

Outside Magazine


“Best Romantic Eco-Tour: Venice Ecology Walk. You'll go deep into the city’s sludgy infrastructure . . . At the end of the day, you’ll appreciate the miracle that Venice truly is.” —April 2008

Town & Country


"[Context’s] Roman Cuisine Tour begins with a walk through the working-class Testaccio quarter, where Fant, who was trained in classical archeology, provides fascinating historical commentary." —July 2006

National Geographic Traveler


"TOURS WITH SCHOLARS Context Paris and sister companies Rome, Florence, and Naples offer tours by architects, historians, and archeologists."
— June 2006