Cooking schools in Rome

Context Travel service offers "the experience of place" through walking tours conducted by art historians, architects, historians and, in the case of culinary walks, food and wine experts. Rome culinary walks include a variety of experiences from a half day session in the kitchen of a Roman chef; a walk through historic neighborhoods on an exploration of Roman street food; or a guided stroll through Testaccio food market.

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The Evening Standard


“The combination of a night in Threadneedles and a CONTEXT tour, of luxury and history, is excellent, For as Dr. Johnson may have noted, these are two of the things London does best.” —January 28, 2009

Toronto Globe and Mail


“WHAT TO DO: Context Travel lead[s] walking tours of Naples's museums, architecture, and history as well as excursions to Pompeii, Herculaneum and Paestum (Greek ruins 2,600 years old, about two hours south of Naples).” —January 3, 2009

Financial Times


“For the perpetual student or indeed for yourself... your loved ones will reap the rewards... Context Travels expert historians offer guided walks in New York such as Jewish Cuisine and Culture or trips such as A Taste of Two Cities: The Food Culture of Rome and Naples.” —December 13, 2008

Telegraph (UK)


“A series of walking tours of London aimed at the intellectually curious promises unusual and stimulating insights into the capital.” —August 22, 2008

Financial Times | How to Spend It


“This impulse to get under the skin of a country is what distinguishes companies such as Context.... Guides are generally scholars and groups (unless bespoke) are limited to six participants.” —December 2007

The Oregonian


"[Context] attempts to increase tourists' knowledge and understanding of the places they visit while decreasing the negative effects those hordes have on the environment and culture." —June 25, 2006

The Washington Post

“Biggest Splurge: Three in-depth tours and classes with Scala Reale and Context Rome….this was the best money I spent.” —July 31, 2005