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Chefs Lead New Rome Walking Tours

Savoring Rome stops by traditional bakeries, cafes and gelateries, particularly in the maze of side streets around the Pantheon, said the statement last week. Wines of Italy, A Comparative Tasting is led by a sommelier.

—Joyce Lau, April 5, 2010

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Eco-Tripping | ROME

The savvy trip operator Context now offers ‘‘farm to fork’’ tours of Rome — a multiday experience focused on sustainable food.
— March 25, 2010

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The Concierge | Paris for Lovers

“…be it 19th-century painting or chocolate, try a guided tour with Context
Travel, a smart outfit with small groups. (You can also hire it for
private tours.)

— Christine Muhlke, March 11, 2020

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Cultured Traveler: Alone (or Almost) With Michelangelo in Vatican City

Adam Nagourney recommends Context's After-hours Vatican Museums visit. —January 17, 2010

Holiday Tables: Bon Appétit to Guten Appetit

Rome City Manager, Jessica Stewart, advises Gisela Williams about where to eat over the holidays in Rome. —December 20, 2009

Dan Brown Tourists: Next Stop, Rome?

Founder, Paul Bennett talks with Elisabetta Povoledo about the Angels and Demons phenomenon and its effect on Rome.  —June 24, 2008

Rome Party Wrap Up

"a contingent from Context (, a network of historians and architects who arrange small-scale walking tours of Rome (and other cities)" —Matt Gross, June 17, 2008