At Context we are sensitive to the obstacles that confront travelers with mobility limitations. Many of the cities where we operate present formidable challenges: streets that date back to the medieval period, monuments constructed by the Romans, and, in some cases, a lack of accessibility laws and infrastructure. In Europe, especially, the accessibility of museums, historic churches, and archaeological sites can vary greatly.

Having worked with a wide range of travelers over the past decade, we are deeply committed to making our cities accessible. Our Mobility Program serves travelers with mobility limitations. We offer pre-booking assistance in choosing or designing a walk that fits an individual’s mobility needs and supplying information and resources regarding trip planning. With the creation of this program, we have established Context as an innovator in the field of accessible travel, being the first urban tour company to offer personalized and informed services for travelers with disabilities.

The services and features of the program include:

  • a collection of walking tours, specifically designed to adhere to accessible guidelines, in each of our cities
  • a team of docents who have been trained in leading mobility-friendly itineraries
  • a client resource document for each city, which includes: wheelchair rental information, accessible taxi and transfer options, accessible travel resources and trip planning web sites

Our Advisory Panel:

To guarantee the quality and continuous advancement of this program, we work with an advisory panel of experts from the field of accessible travel.

Cornelia Danielson Founder of Barrier Free Travel, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of accessible tourism in Florence. Author of The Accessible Guide to Florence. Context Florence docent.
Alessio Focardi Member of Barrier Free Travel. Member of CGIL (Italian labor union)'s Employees with Disabilities’ office.
Howard Chabner World traveler. Documents his travel experiences, using an electric wheelchair, for Global Access News.
Scott Rains Creator of the Rolling Rains Report, a blog dedicated to accessibility for the travel and hospitality industry, with a particular focus on industrial design.
Street Thoma Manager of Accessible Programs, Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Context Travel, LLC designs and operates walking seminars in world capitals where it does not exert control over existing terrain, street and sidewalk conditions, site limitations, architectural barriers and access conditions. Context is committed to working with clients who have mobility limitations in order to provide information and assistance in walk and itinerary programming to the extent feasible.