The Nazi Occupation and Liberation of Paris Audio Guide

Follow French resistance fighters through the City of Light's darkest days
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  • Mémorial des martyrs de la Déportation
  • Memorial of the Shoah
  • Église Saint-Sulpice
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Start: Hôtel Lutetia
Rue Coëtlogon
Original Shakespeare and Company
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This tour may be impacted by the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics. You can find a map with the latest Olympics activity here.

Paris may be the City of Lights but its history is sometimes shrouded in darkness. On this self-paced audio guide tour with novelist and Context Travel expert, Samuél Lopez-Barrantes, you'll embark on a 90-minute journey to explore the brutal collaboration between the French police and the Nazis who occupied Paris. As you walk through the Latin Quarter, Samuél will shed light on the complex and difficult history behind the Nazi occupation and share tales of the city’s resilience as Parisians fought to reclaim their beloved city from German control.  

Our audio guide tour starts in front of Hôtel Lutetia, a luxury hotel that was a hotspot for young expat artists including James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, and Josephine Baker before it became the home of Nazi counter-intelligence forces. From there, you'll wind through the Left Bank to Rue de Buci, where a Nazi officer nicknamed Dr Jazz transformed the street into a hotbed of musical activity. As you make your way to the Right Bank where the audio tour ends, you'll hear about Charles de Gaulle, Sylvia Beach, and various resistance groups. You'll learn how the city banded together to take their beloved Paris back from the Germans and why there are almost no plaques commemorating the death of a resistance fighter before the last week of the occupation. 

Along the way, you'll have a chance to:
• Learn how Parisians defended their city and transformed narrow streets into strategic locations for the resistance
• Consider the moral struggle that existed between various fractions as they grappled between collaboration and resistance
• Hear about the diverse facets of the French Resistance
• See the Commissariat de Police building, where you'll find out the role the police played in the occupation and resistance
• Meet key figures in the French Resistance, from Charles de Gaulle, Charles Leclerc and Julia Gréco, to Sylvia Beach and James Reese Europe
• Gain an understanding of French politics leading up to World War II
• Take in the original and new Shakespeare and Company bookstores
• Visit the Shoah and Deportation memorials that honor the Jewish French victims and the 6 million who tragically perished during the Holocaust

By the end of this 90-minute audio guide tour, you'll understand how the City of Light turned into one of darkness during Nazi Occupation, and have a sense of Parisians' struggles and resilience during this dark time.  

Meet Your Expert

Samuél is a published novelist and musician who has lived in Paris since 2008. He holds an M.A. in European Society from University College London & an MFA in creative writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Samuél teaches creative writing at the Sorbonne, hosts the Paris Writers' Salon with a local literary legend John Baxter, and is also a singer/songwriter. Samuél's first novel, "Slim and The Beast (Inkshares, 2015) is a coming of age story set in North Carolina. His second novel, "The Requisitions" (Kingdom Anywhere, 2024) is a historical metafiction about history, memory, and the Nazi Occupation of Poland.

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