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Trace Paris' history from royalty to the revolutionary rise of its people
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  • Hôtel de Sens
  • Hôtel Carnavalet
  • Saint-Jacques Tower
  • Place des Vosges
  • Hôtel de Ville
  • Bastille
  • Place du Châtelet
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Start: Place de la Bastille
Into Place des Vosges
Rue Pavee
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  • Put your map away as you walk through the history of the French Revolution, all on your own schedule
  • Hit play together and stroll the city or wander solo, but always with an expert in your ear as your personal guide

This tour may be impacted by the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics. You can find a map with the latest Olympics activity here.

The French Revolution had a ripple effect throughout history, and it all kicked off right here in Paris. On this walking tour through the Marais neighborhood with Context Travel Expert Georgia Dearden, you'll see where history was made and hear how catastrophic weather and a series of meteorological events sparked socio-political tensions that ultimately led to the revolution.

Our tour starts at Place de la Bastille, the square where the political prison of the same name was famously stormed, setting in motion radical change in France. You'll hear about the toxic dust cloud that settled over the country, causing a shortage in wheat, rising bread prices, and country-wide starvation. As you head to Place des Vosges, you'll also find out about the socio-political upheaval that transformed France from a monarchy to a republic within a few swift years. You'll hear about the "Royal Plan" to get the monarchy safely out of the country as you make your way past Hotel de Sully and Place Sainte-Catherine (Saint Catherine Square) to the Parish Church of Saint-Paul of Saint-Louis and Hôtel de Ville (Paris' City Hall), taking in medieval lanterns and houses as you go. With Georgia's help, you'll get a better understanding of how the French Revolution birthed our modern understanding of politics. And, as you make your way across Pont au Change bridge to Palais de Justice where our tour ends, you'll find out how the royal family spent their final days. 

On this 90-minute tour, you'll have a chance to:

• Grasp the magnitude of Bastille Day and the profound changes it heralded, reshaping attitudes towards religion, politics, and governance
• Decode the symbolism behind the ornate column in Place du Chatelet square
• Hear about important events during the revolution including the storming of the Bastille, the dreaded Reign of Terror, and the beheading of royal family members 
• Consider the moral struggle that existed between various fractions as they grappled between collaboration and resistance
• Pass by Musée Carnavalet and find out how some buildings were confiscated from their aristocratic owners during the revolution
• Understand the stark reality faced by Parisian workers, spending almost 90% of their earnings on exorbitantly priced bread which was cut with 50% sawdust 
• Witness how Bastille became a symbol of liberation, rallying the people against centuries of royal oppression 
• Learn how, in just a few short years, France went from a monarchy where peasants had few rights to a republic where they had a say in government
• Explore the plight of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, heirs to a bankrupt, starving kingdom in desperate need of social reform
• Find out about the birth of the National Assembly, where independent citizens could advocate for laws
• See a portion of the over 800-year-old city wall that once protected Paris
• Discover how the monarchy was reinstated in France only a few decades after Napoleon's downfall

Join Georgia as she unravels the tangled threads of history, revealing how climatic events, social injustice, and political upheaval converged to reshape the very fabric of our world. By the end of this tour, you'll go home with profound insights into this period and a sense of Parisians' resilience during this dark time.  

Although this tour has two inclines, it is wheelchair accessible and can be experienced by travelers of all capabilities. There are one step into and out of the Garden of the Hotel de Sens and three steps in and out of the Hotel de Sully. It is possible to go around these areas as indicated in the directions in case these sites are closed. The total distance of the audio guide tour is 2.15 miles.
Meet Your Expert

Georgia is a British art historian who has been living in Paris since 2017. She is a doctoral candidate in the history of art, and has worked as a visiting lecturer on anglophone art history programmes. She has worked for a number of art galleries and museums, is a published art historical writer, and has presented at a number of academic conferences. She has always been fascinated by the social and cultural context of history, and is passionate about sharing this with clients.

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This audio tour was fabulous! I’m a long time context customer but this was my first audio tour. I can’t wait to try others. The content, guide, technology, directions—all perfect. And so nice to be able to go at your own pace — tour for a while, stop for coffee. Tour some more, stop for wine. You get the idea. It’s Paris after all!
Really great, good overview and great tidbits! Easy and GREAT value!