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Nov. 26, 2019
One mystery we can’t crack is how—despite its fairytale palaces, exquisite Baroque architecture, and sprawling gardens—Vienna has seemingly slipped under the mass tourist radar. With less than a quarter of the annual visitors of ... Read More
Nov. 21, 2019
Because of its weather (always good) Barcelona is a great place to visit at Christmas—don’t worry about cold and snow wreaking havoc on your travels (or your Context tours). Of course, most museums and monuments are closed on Chr... Read More
Nov. 19, 2019
In addition to being (arguably) Europe’s capital of Surrealism, Barcelona is also the capital—per our admittedly unscientific data gathering—of rooftop tipples. Our only objection is that many of Barcelona’s best rooftop bars are... Read More
Nov. 14, 2019
We at Context are all about giving you more than a typical tour. You travel with us to get more than a cursory glance and rote information about a city: you travel with us to learn from PhD- and MA-level guides who can stoke your... Read More
Nov. 12, 2019
Venice is a magical city—any traveler who’s been can tell us that. But how can we make sure that this magical experience extends to our smallest budding scholars as well? Finding interesting and engaging sights and sounds for us ... Read More

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