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Explore Berlin's divided past, tracing the footprint of the Berlin Wall with a local history expert
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Berlin Wall Memorial
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  • Trace the path of the Berlin Wall
  • Led by a local expert in 20th-century history
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More than 25 years after its fall, the Berlin Wall still looms large. Led by an expert in 20th-century history, this 3-hour Berlin Wall tour traces the footprint of the wall through the city’s center, unraveling the complex forces that shaped Berlin's history. We will investigate the meaning behind the Wall's construction, the realities of life in a divided city and the dramatic events of its fall. We will also visit the Berlin Wall Memorial.

Berlin Wall Tour

For over a quarter century, the imposing concrete barrier of the Berlin Wall with its notorious “death strip” stood as an ominous reminder of the divide between Western Europe and the Eastern Bloc. Beginning at the Berlin Wall Memorial, the site of some of the most astonishing escape attempts from the communist East, we will explore numerous exhibitions, memorials, artworks, and historical locations. We will see how the Wall was constructed and expanded, how it operated as a symbol of the Cold War, and how and why it ultimately fell. Finally, we will discuss the irony that Berlin is now deeply associated with a structure that no longer exists.

A New Germany

After the momentous dismantling of the Wall began in 1989, larger issues of national identity in newly unified Germany immediately arose. As we continue our walk and pass the many memorial sites along our route—including the “ghost stations” exhibit at Nordbahnhof—we will consider vital questions about the tension in Germany’s difficult history. On one hand is the desire to move on and leave these troubles in the past; on the other, the need to preserve what remains of this history.

Depending on the day and the guide, our walk often ends at the Brandenburg Gate or Potsdamer Platz. Even as our time together comes to a close, we'll still have big questions to mull over. Should the divisions of the city be erased completely? Or, etched forever into its memory? The physical barriers of the Berlin Wall have mostly vanished, but the shockwaves caused by its rise and fall carry on today.


For help on planning your trip, see our guide on how to tour the Berlin Wall.

If you'd like to learn more about the Cold War through the lens of architecture, check out our Berlin Cold War tour. Also, our family tours program in Berlin offers a counterpart to this walk, specially designed for groups with young children—our Berlin Wall for kids tour.


Where does the walk end?
This walk usually ends around the Brandenburg Gate/Potsdamer Platz area.

Why doesn't this walk visit the East Side Gallery or Checkpoint Charlie?
Well, since you asked - we think that these sites are not the strongest places to dig into the history of the Berlin Wall. We do include the East Side Gallery on our Berlin Wall for kids tour because we think it's a great place to visit with children. But we find that the Berlin Wall Memorial and the other locations that we visit on this tour offer far more authentic experiences and deeper insights into Cold War history for adults ready to learn. Plus, the sites are geographically spread out, so we've chosen to leave them out in the interest of time.
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Our tour with Aaron was outstanding. He was very knowledgeable about the history of the Berlin Wall and the story of East and West Germany. He had an easygoing and warm manner, and all five of us on the tour felt we learned a lot. We recommend him very highly.
Sven was brilliant! Really took the time to understand what we were interested in. Highly recommend this tour. It gave us context to just how Berlin was shaped. Thank you!
There is nothing you can do to improve this your. Sara was passionate, knowledgeable and full of stories. It was clear that she was an academic as her research shined through! Not only had she gone back to primary sources through interviews, but it is also clear she is directly across this knowledge. Thank you for a most enjoyable experience!