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Biking the Wall

Discover the history and legacy of divided Berlin—on wheels
$334 and up
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3 hours
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  • Travel the path of part of the former Berlin Wall by bike
  • Led by a local historian
  • Berlin Wall Memorial
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10 Reviews (4.44)

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Heribert was fantastic. Knowledgable, humorous, and very generous in sharing personal stories and experiences. We feel we have a new friend in Berlin
Julian Smith-Newman was amazing, and tied with Bernard Zirnheld's tour of the Louvre as the best tour guide of all we've had. Going on bikes we were able to cover a wide swath of the City and he took us to non-touristy areas to see things I feel I'd otherwise never have experienced, such as Hitler's bunker below a toddler's playground. More than what we stopped and saw, however, was his commentary and expertise on all things Berlin/European/WWII/Cold War/etc. He loves history and his passion for his subject shines through. It was the best day of our trip because of his bike tour. I give him an A+! See above for my enthusiastic reaction to this tour, really loved all the places we were able to visit, from the topography or terror to the old watch towers, etc. I wanted just a few minutes more at each stop so I could take more photos, but Juian was happy to wait for me when I asked. I highly recommend him for any tours!!!