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Custom & Multi-Day Tour of Cartagena

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6 Reviews (4.33)

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Best guide they've ever had. he was bright, knowledgable, and they couldn't have asked for a better orientation! were impressed as she knows we are just starting out in this city.
this walk was around the defensive positions of the walled city (the entire wall around the city) and we enjoyed the walk (colonialism). we also visited the naval museum which was interesting and provided good background about the various battles and historical figures of cartagena. we asked about the inquisition museum and were told it wasn’t worth the time and i suspect that is correct. but that being said some information about the inquisition should have been included in the walk, perhaps it was an oversight and i forgot to ask as the tour progressed. i think both walks were longer than needed as we seemed to run out of things to learn about at about the 2 hour mark. again i want to say that claudia was a fine guide and i know this is a new tour for context and her so i’m sure the tours will become more refined and defined.
the tour was a walking tour of cartagena’s walled city, we did get a chance to view many streets and sites and claudia was pleasant and spoke very good english. some confusion regarding what we wanted to see ensued because we had taken a city tour the day before with dora (local guide) who is an acquaintance of claudia’s. the two had met prior (happenstance) to our tour and spoke about having the same clients for a city tour. we had booked the tour with dora prior to finding out about context having a guide in cartagena. the tour was also about cartagena but dora’s tour was by car and not a walking tour as was our scheduled tour with claudia. claudia was a fine guide but our experience with context in other cities (rome and istanbul) set our expectations quite high regarding the depth of knowledge to be imparted on the tour. usually we have found ourselves with an abundance of information regarding the subject, we didn’t feel there was enough information about the history and culture of cartagena; we were hoping for more. don’t get me wrong, claudia knows her way around the city and was hospitable but we ended the trip wanting more. occasionally we were asked what we wanted to see or do but being we really didn’t know; we needed the structure we've come to expect and appreciate from context and that wasn't present in this walk.