Croatia private tours

Croatia Private and Small Group Guided Tours

Renowned for its majestic beaches and red-hued towns rising along the Dalmatian coast, Croatia’s history is equally enthralling as it is complex. Whether its an island escape, tasting Croatia’s unique culinary scene or learning about its emergence in post-Yugoslavia Europe, Context will help unravel its many layers with our Croatia private tours.
Croatia’s history is distinct yet often overshadowed by its more dominating neighbors. The powerful state of Ragusa (now Dubrovnik) boomed in the late Middle Ages and vied for control in the Adriatic. Despite passing through the hands of the Venetians, Napoleon and Hapsburgs; Croatia maintains its distinct culture and traditions while still embracing its diverse history. Later, at the end of the 21st century, the region's multiculturalism would come under extreme stress due to the collapse of Yugoslavia and conflict. Yet today, as one of the European Union’s newest members, there is no better time to discover everything Croatia has to offer.

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Croatia Private Tours

Want to discover more than just the Dalmatian coast in Croatia? Join an art historian, archeologist or local expert on our signature Croatia private tours. Lasting from three hours to six or more days and designed specifically for private groups, joining Context private guides in Croatia will surely leave a remarkable impression on your journey through this beautiful part of southeast Europe. First-time in Croatia? Get acquainted with Dubrovnik’s main sites, history and neighborhoods with our Introduction to Dubrovnik: Through the Ages walk. For a day trip, join us visiting the neighboring Republic of Montenegro. Hungry? Croatia’s rich culinary scene is explored in our Savoring Split Tour. Need Context to sort out all the tours on your trip, from Split to Dubrovnik and elsewhere off the beaten track? Try our Multi-Day and custom experiences which can be entirely tailored to your interests.