Florence Artisan Workshop Tour with Oltrarno Neighborhood

Support local artisans and explore the tradition of craftsmanship in the Oltrarno neighborhood
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3 hours
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  • Oltrarno neighborhood
  • Piazza Santo Spirito
  • Artisan Workshops
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  • Explore the hidden craft workshops in the Oltrarno neighborhood which has produced quality goods for countless generations
  • Led by a Florence expert
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Tour Description
The Florentine tradition of producing artisanal goods has been in existence for centuries and remains one of the cornerstones of Florence's visual and social history. This Florence Artisan Workshop tour explores the area known as Oltrarno (“on the other side of the Arno”), which has produced goods for countless generations of kings, queens, gentlemen, and noblewomen. Florentine leatherworkers, silversmiths, shoemakers, and milliners continue to practice their crafts building upon methods passed down through generations. We will visit the private workshops of these distinguished individuals, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the current state of artisan production.

Florence Artisan Workshop Tour

We will begin in the lovely Piazza Santo Spirito and enjoy a stroll through the Oltrarno neighborhood, which has been home to artisans for the last five hundred years. The neighborhood is virtually carpeted with a maze of these small workshops on tiny side streets, representing some of the most historic enterprises in the city. The group will have the opportunity to see some of these craftsmen at work, observing their meticulous practices and the tools of their trades.

Preserving the Art

In the company of our guide, an expert on these workshops, we'll talk about Tuscan artisan traditions and the value and role of work and manufacturing in Italian culture. This walk is very much for the traveler looking to scratch a little more beneath the surface of the city. It should not be thought of as a shopping tour, instead, it is an in-depth look into the workings of this precious industry and should provide a better understanding of the importance of preserving and promoting this dying art.


Where does it start? Where does it end? 
The tour begins near Piazza Santo Spirito and ends in the Oltrarno neighborhood. 

Why isn't this available in August? 
Most of the studios are closed, and the artists are usually out of town.
Where You'll Start
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Helen was fantastic! Her insider knowledge as a fellow artisan was wonderful. In addition to taking us to some great artisans that did fascinating work (metal pressing, plate etching, jewlery making, and mosaics), we had some interesting discussions about the working/political conditions for artisans. I wish we'd had a second day with her! Overall one of the highlights of my 2+ week trip to Italy!
Kate picked out three very interesting artisans to visit in depth and we saw fantastic demonstrations at all 3. We also visited a variety of other artisans and she discussed the history behind each and we saw beautiful merchandise. Was a fantastic tour and are so glad it worked with our schedule. Loved getting to ask questions of the artisans and purchase some beautiful works unique to where we visited.
Luca was a wonderful host and tour guide. He introduced us (including our 11yo “maker”) to what professional craftsmanship can look like, while amiably promoting the work we had the privilege to see & discuss. We got a behind-the-scenes type view into how the work is done, and had the privilege of getting to ask our questions & hear answers, sometimes through Luca’s translation. Thanks to Luca for making this type of visiting possible, and very enriching.