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Pauline was incredibly nice but honestly the walk was a waste of our time. We booked a custom tour (extended time) with an eye toward doing a combination of introduction/history/food We sat in our hotel lobby for about 45 minutes going over a slide show she had created for a presentation to a cruise line - and the information there was extremely basic - if my first google session in preparation for our trip we covered more ground than that. She said she wanted to get to know us so she could figure out what to show us. I thought the point of my email exchange with context was to provide you with information enough to build a walk itinerary. After the slide show we walked around a little and she pointed out some buildings. There was ZERO structure to the trip we basically wandered around and then grabbed a bowl of noodles. She did help us with our itinerary which was appreciated. She showed us how to buy an octopus card but didn't go over the layout of the trains, the layout of the city etc. This tour is not inexpensive and I think we could have gotten more out of a $30 walking tour. If I try context travel again it will likely be in a location where there is a specific site such as Pompeii that we'd like to see. At this point I don't think I would do an overview tour or a custom tour again. I was so excited about this tour given what I had heard from others that have used Context and it was not at all what my friends have experienced nor what your website promises - it was a very disappointing experience. Again, I would note that Pauline is incredibly nice so the issue wasn't her it was the content of the walk and how it was executed.
We loved this walk. Adelina had carefully planned it, contrasting old and new Hong Kong architecture, and conveyed it in the context of Hong Kong's history. We particularly appreciated her insights about earlier modern architecture and urban planning; her ideas and passions allowed us to see what we had previously thought of as undistinguished modernism as expressive of utopian ideals. We came away with a sense of the presence of the colonial past, the modernization if the city, and its gigantic postmodern growth in the past twenty years. We commend Adelina for her careful planning, knowledge, and charm, and we enjoyed our walk enormously!
Docent (Adrian) was very nice, pleasant fellow. He seemed to know a number of facts but the flow of the pesentation could have been better. Difficult to describe but sounded like he might have been reading notes from a presentation instead of knowing it well, but when asked about something not in his information he was very interesting to listen to, knew the information well and loosened up a little, one example I can cite are the comments and discussion on big businesses closing down the traditional food shops.