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Istanbul private tours

Istanbul Private and Small Group Walking Tours

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Long known as the city where East meets West, Istanbul’s cosmopolitan past as the meeting point of nationalities, traditions, and regions has ushered in a wonderfully rich present.
Modern Istanbul first opened to the West in the 19th century as the fading Ottoman Empire began a program of rapprochement with European powers. The interplay of those influences today remains visible in a wonderfully diverse mix of neoclassical architecture, Art Nouveau Parisian-style covered passages, Turkish souks, and a vibrant street life of cafes, shops, and fine restaurants. Immerse yourself in dynamic Istanbul with Context's Istanbul private tours, guided by our local Istanbul private guides.

Istanbul Private Tours

What Context Istanbul Travelers Say
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Enjoyed the 3 Mosques and background. Ebru provided great context. Thank you.
During this trip our context tours were very “lecture driven”. The joy of a private guide is a knowledgeable person to stimulate and answer questions. Instead we always felt as were in school and the teacher was under pressure to present a lecture. A 5 minute background presentation is fine, and the rest should probably be spontaneous material based solely on questions (with your EXCEPTIONALLY educated guides this would be very possible). We consider ourselves somewhat nerdy and academic, but it was hard to stay engaged for a multi hour dense information lecture format type tour. Compound this with jet lag and it was not particularly enjoyable.
Appreciate the organization and level of expertise. We had a private tour but our guide didn’t really test out our level of interest or seek engagement, we felt like we largely got the canned tour and more dense info than we really needed (which says more about us!).