Savoring Lisbon Food Tour

Give your tastebuds a primer on Portuguese Gastronomy in this culinary tour of the capital
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3 hours
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  • Gain an understanding of Portuguese culinary traditions, complete with tastings of local specialties
  • Led by a professional chef or food writer
  • Various Specialty Food Shops
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27 Reviews (4.61)

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Seamless session
The guide was very knowledgeable about Portuguese food history and traditions, and also about Lisbon architecture and history. He gave us his full attention for almost four hours. We particularly enjoyed being taken to the 1920s artists’ cafe (though we didn’t eat or drink there), and a bookshop, and we loved the Portuguese tarts. However we had some problems with the tour. The food we sampled came in an odd order (sweet first, then savoury, then wine) and while the tarts and wine were nice, the pork buns, chicken and potato snacks, and dried fish and potato snacks, were not. The food was unsatisfying, and yet filling enough to make a proper meal afterwards impossible. We had nothing fresh, no vegetables (except potato), fruit, or salads. I wondered also if this is really the food that the people who live in Lisbon actually eat. I had hoped the tour would help me know how to find good cafes and restaurants over the rest of my stay in Lisbon, but it didn’t. So, I learnt a lot of Portuguese history, which I enjoyed, but it left both of us with a rather low view of Portuguese food, which I am sure is the opposite of what was intended. Also, a printed sheet with the names of the food we were sampling would have been helpful so that we would know what to ask for if we wanted to try something again (such as what we call Portuguese tarts but I know have a different name). Also, the tour was too long.
We have done several Context tours over the years. We especially enjoy the food tours. Shevam was a very professional and personable young man. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with him.

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