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As noted, the links above are not working. Will Lunn was an excellent guide - personable and extremely knowledgeable about the contemporary art scene in London. We were able to meet with artists we would not have otherwise known about. Highest rating for Will and our driver. Finally, for future visitors desiring this tour, I'd suggest that the meeting point be close to the first studio visit. We were told we'd be picked up at our hotel in South Kensington. However, the first visit was across town near the Tate Modern. It would have saved at least 30 minutes if we didn't have to backtrack to the opposite side of town (we had just returned from the Tate Modern). Many thanks again to Will Lunn for an excellent tour.
Will did a splendid job, far exceeding my expectations. What recommendation is higher than'exceptional'...Will deserves it. He is courteous, friendly, charming, incredibly patient, obviously smart and wonderfully articulate. He answers questions with thoughtfulness and candor all the while juggling tour logistics, artists, guests/clients, transportation and those endless details that create a seamless Context experience. This is my second tour with Will and I plan another early next year; he is a special Context representative who reflects incredibly well on your company. He is a talented young man!
The only thing that didn't work was London traffic (due to Holborn electrical underground fire). I was also ill and had a doctor's appointment that afternoon, so the traffic situation made me crazy as we had to get back to the Savoy at a certain time. It was a special opportunity to meet several artists with Will and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Will was courteous, friendly, organized and answered my questions with patience and good cheer. At no stage did I feel like an art dope, which had been a concern of mine. I also learned a lot visiting the artists' studios and meeting the artists. They were friendly as well and it was such a privilege to visit their studios, see their work and ask questions. I especially liked the first artist, David Rickard. Additionally, the video art of the Turkish women commenting on a film was fabulous. I am sorry I was sick during this London trip as I would have liked to follow up with Will and perhaps even buy some art. I intend to book this tour again in November when I next visit London, and hopefully the traffic will be better. I cannot imagine the tour -- or Will -- being any better. It was a very special experience.