Central London Highlights Tour with Thames Riverboat Cruise

Experience the city's highlights from both land and water
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3 hours
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  • Palace of Westminster/Houses of Parliament
  • Shakespeare's Globe
  • Tower Bridge
  • St. Paul's Cathedral
  • Tower of London
  • Thames River
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  • Embark on a captivating journey along the Thames where you’ll step off the riverboat to discover London’s iconic landmarks on an intimate guided walk.
  • Learn about London's history and development as you view landmarks like St. Paul's Cathedral, Shakespeare's Globe, Tate Modern, and City Hall from the riverboat.
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Tour Description
Picture yourself aboard a classic riverboat, the cool breeze of the Thames providing a delightful respite from the heat of the city. Here, each bend of the river reveals a chapter of the city’s epic history, and your expert guide sits beside you like an old friend ready to reveal London’s storied past and vibrant present. 

This amphibious tour offers a unique vantage point of London’s iconic landmarks all while diving deep into the lesser-known stories that have shaped this global metropolis.

Begin on dry land, exploring the London Wall and the city’s oldest church, All Hallows by the Tower. Explore the area near the Tower of London and Tower Bridge before boarding the Clipper Riverboat to travel downstream to Westminster. 

Disembark for a stroll by Downing Street, the Palace of Westminster, and Big Ben, gaining fascinating insights into each location’s pivotal role in global history. 

Reboard the Clipper to make your way back to Tower Bridge, completing a loop of the most important locations on both riverbanks. View and discuss St. Paul’s, Shakespeare’s Globe, Tate Modern, and City Hall from the water and uncover the role of the Thames in British Imperial history as you go. 

Join us for an enlightening adventure that goes beyond traditional tourism. Immerse yourself in the city with a local by your side and discover a richer, more intimate London. Here, you don’t just pass by landmarks–you connect with them in profound, memorable ways.

  • You want a different vantage point of the city’s most iconic landmarks. Enjoy an unobstructed view of London from the Thames with no jockeying amid throngs of tourists for a good look at the sites. 
  • You’re interested in architecture and would like to view the city’s architectural diversity from the water, enjoying everything from Edwardian elegance to modernist designs.  
  • You’re returning to London and want a different perspective of the city. 
  • All Hallows by the Tower
  • Tower of London
  • Palace of Westminster
  • Shakespeare's Globe
  • Tate Modern
  • St Paul's Cathedral
  • Tower Bridge

Will you pre-purchase tickets for the Thames clipper?
Yes. We'll pre-purchase a 'River Roamer' ticket (valid for 24 hours) for each participant. Your guide will have the tickets on hand.

Additional Trip-Planning Resources

A few things that pair well with this tour: 

  • A lightweight jacket will keep you comfortable against the breeze and any surprise drizzles, especially in the winter, spring, and fall. 
  • A little pre-trip prep can help you make the most of your experience. Check out our Top 10 Highlights for London before you go.
  • A notebook or sketchbook is a great for jotting down interesting facts or sketching the passing scenery as you float along the Thames. 
Will you pre-purchase tickets for the Thames clipper?
Yes. We'll pre-purchase a 'River Roamer' ticket (valid for 24 hours) for each participant. Your guide will have the tickets on hand.

How long will we spend on the boat on this tour?
There are two boat journeys in this tour, one Westward and one returning Eastward. Each journey takes around 20 minutes.

What if it’s raining?
Tours operate rain or shine, and the boat is glass-covered. It also never hurts to have an umbrella on hand.

Is this tour good for kids? 
Yes! We have some excellent family-friendly expert guides who can appeal to the learning styles of children. Please book privately if you have children under 13. Feel free to provide us with information about your children such as favorite school subjects, and hobbies. This way we can match you with the best possible expert.
We understand that some of our valued guests may have mobility concerns, and we want to ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable experience throughout your tour. If there are any accessibility concerns that your tour guide will need to be aware of, please let our team know at the time of booking.

Is this tour wheelchair-friendly?
Yes, all boats are wheelchair-, mobility scooter- and pram-accessible by ramp. All piers are wheelchair accessible except London Bridge City, Wandsworth Riverside Quarter, and Cadogan piers. Ramps are used for boarding.
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Charlotte is a wonderful guide. She instantly connected with us, especially our 15-year-old granddaughter. Charlotte adapted the tour based on our other planned tours so we wouldn’t repeating. Took us up to the new Sky Garden, which was brilliant. Somehow she timed our stop at Parliament with Big Ben chiming 12. Just magic. Or granddaughter got a great orientation to London and we enjoyed sharing that. It was a rainy, but pleasant and worthwhile morning. Highly recommend.
My family enjoyed the most marvellously informative tour of London with Peter. He engaged us all with fascinating stories of the city and its evolution, our kids thoroughly enjoyed his stories and the carefully considered activities he organised. We all appreciated the care he obviously put into the tour and his incredible depth of knowledge. Thankyou Peter!
We had great fun with Rebecca! Super informative with some funny stories added in for our enlightenment and enjoyment. We would highly recommend Rebecca!