Full-Day Stonehenge and Bath Day Trip from London with Skip-the-Line Tickets

Experience ancient wonders, Roman heritage, and Georgian elegance set against Britain's idyllic countryside
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6 hours
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  • Stonehenge
  • Roman Bath
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  • Step away from the rush of London and into a day of tranquility as your guide unveils the storied wonders of Stonehenge and the Roman Bath
  • Includes a private car service during the duration of the tour
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Tour Description
This is more than your standard Stonehenge walking tour; it's a deep dive into English history. Where ancient stones stand as silent testament to bygone eras, and Roman Baths echo with the whispers of past luxury. Hosted by a local expert, you can unlock the secrets of these age-old wonders and experience a connection to the past that is both profound and personal.

Your excursion begins when you step off the train at Salisbury station, where your Context guide and a personal driver await to whisk you into Southwest England's tranquil countryside. Salisbury Cathedral, where the Magna Carta was signed, is the first important landmark you'll glimpse on your tour. 

By around 10:30 AM, you'll be one of the first few guests to navigate the incredible Stonehenge. Your Context guide will lead your party on a private walking tour of the site and provide key historical insights. Thanks to our early start, you should have the opportunity to explore this landmark UNESCO site with fewer crowds and more personal space.

For lunch, you have the flexibility to choose how you'd like to dine. For a quicker meal, you might purchase a sandwich at Stonehenge to enjoy on the go, this allows more time to wander Bath's charming historic center before your timed admission tickets. Alternatively, you can opt for a more leisurely lunch experience once your driver brings you into the city, where there will be more variety to choose from. 

In Bath, the elegance of Georgian architecture and the legacy of Ancient Romans come to life. The centerpiece is the Great Roman Bath itself — a lead-lined pool filled with steaming, natural hot water where the Romans once bathed. You can walk around the edges and see it from the ancient pavements that surround it. Your guide will then lead you through the museum onsite – which houses artifacts including Roman coins and personal items – giving you a deeper understanding of the historical context.

As your day trip reaches its end at Bath's train station, we'll help you select the best train route back to your accommodation in London. You depart with not just memories, but with a richer understanding of England's historical canvas, certain to resonate long after your trip concludes.
  • Salisbury: Once greeted by your guide, you’ll glimpse Salisbury's historic charm, including its cathedral, during a scenic drive towards your main destinations.
  • Stonehenge: You'll immerse yourself in the ancient atmosphere of Stonehenge, guided by an expert to unravel the secrets of this prehistoric marvel.
  • Town of Bath: Depending on time, you may choose to wander along the stately Great Pulteney Street, admiring the Georgian architecture.
  • Roman Baths & Museum: You'll experience the exquisitely maintained ruins and dive into a rich collection of historical artifacts within the accompanying museum.
  • Your Stonehenge & Roman Bath admission tickets are covered by the tour cost.
  • Please note that our timed tickets will provide skip-the-line access, but there may still be a queue for security and crowd-control purposes. 
  • You will need to purchase your own train tickets. Additional details will be in your order confirmation. 
  • Pre-tour: You'll need to purchase train tickets from London to Salisbury. For efficiency and convenience, we've tailored this segment of the day trip to utilize train travel, as it offers a quicker and more direct route than driving.  
    • Travel Tip: Depart from Waterloo Station for a direct, approximately 90-minute train ride on the South Western Railway.
  • Meet-up: You'll greet your Context guide and driver at Salisbury train station, between 9:30 AM - 9:45 AM.
  • Stonehenge Visit: A short, scenic drive (usually under 30 minutes) takes you from Salisbury to Stonehenge.
  • Travel to Bath: After touring Stonehenge, your journey continues with a drive to the historic town of Bath.
  • Return Trip: The day concludes at Bath train station, where your guide will help you purchase a train ticket back to London. 
    • Travel Tip: Trains generally depart once every 30 minutes from Bath back to Paddington Station via the Great Western Railway
  • We're happy to suggest dining spots, but lunch isn't covered by the tour fee, so you have the freedom to choose. 
  • You can grab a quick bite on your way to Bath and explore the city on foot before your Roman Baths visit, or opt for a relaxed group lunch in Bath. 
Is Stonehenge accessible for visitors using wheelchairs?
Yes, wheelchair access is available in the main areas such as the parking lots, visitor center, and the Stone Circle, with tarmac and grass paths suitable for access, weather permitting. 

Are there wheelchairs available to rent at Stonehenge?
Yes, they offer wheelchairs on a first-come, first-served basis. You can request one at the admissions tills.

Where can I find more detailed accessibility information for Stonehenge?
For comprehensive information, please visit the Stonehenge accessibility page here.

Are the Roman Baths wheelchair-friendly?
The Roman Baths are approximately 90% accessible to wheelchair users.

How do the Roman Baths cater to visitors with hearing or visual impairments?
Visitors with hearing or visual impairments can utilize a British Sign Language tour or an audio tour with descriptive commentary. Tactile models are also available to enhance the experience.

Where can I access the Roman Baths' accessibility guide?
For a detailed accessibility guide to the Roman Baths, please visit their official website
For more information about Context tours, please visit our FAQs.

Can I touch the stones at Stonehenge?
The stones can only be touched during special access visits outside normal opening hours. These must be booked in advance and are subject to availability. Our tour does not visit the “inner circle.”

What happens if it’s raining? Does Stonehenge close for bad weather?
Stonehenge is an outdoor site and is open rain or shine. We recommend dressing appropriately for the elements, as the weather in England can be unpredictable.

Can I Actually Get Into the Roman Baths in Bath?
No, visitors cannot enter the water at the Roman Baths. The ancient Roman Baths are preserved as a historic site, and while you can walk around the edges and view the baths from the ancient stone pavements, they are not suitable for public bathing due to their historical significance and water quality. 

I would prefer not to take any trains. Can I arrange for a private car service beginning and ending in London? 
Yes. For a comfortable and private round-trip journey from London, we offer a tailored full-day car service. Please select the 'Stonehenge and Bath Round-trip from London Car Service' when you book and provide your London accommodation address in the 'Additional Details' section. 

Is the tour suitable for children and families?
Yes, this tour is family-friendly and can be tailored to engage and educate children. Let us know your kids' interests, and we'll match you with a Context guide who can make their experience both enlightening and entertaining. Just a heads-up: some spots on the tour route may feature stairs or hills, which might be challenging for strollers.

What's the maximum number of people on this tour?
We believe in intimate and memorable experiences, which is why we limit our group size to a cozy maximum of ten guests. This ensures you receive personal attention and a richer experience during your tour.

Should I be hesitant about spending a full day with a guide I've never met?
No need for second thoughts about spending a day with one of our guides. They’re not just fountains of knowledge; they’re personable companions, adept at weaving tales that bring history to life in the most engaging ways. Don’t just take our word for it, read through the glowing reviews from other travelers below.
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Fantastic all around. Our tour guide, Rosemary, was so wonderful and a true expert—she was a joy to spend the day with and is a wealth of knowledge. From the moment we got off at Salisbury station, she guided us throughout the entire day seamlessly and ensured we made the most of every minute, including while in transport (out driver, Yve, was a gem as well!) We felt a bit sorry for the other tourists who were missing out on all of Rosemary’s insight! :)
Rosemary was everything! She was insightful, had so much to share and was fun! Once again Context delivered!
Cheryl did a great job. She shared her abundance of knowledge in an accessible way, giving us a lot of interesting details and making sure all our questions were answered. She went above and beyond to make sure we got the most out of trip, stopping at the Salisbury Cathedral and teaching the kids about flint chalk rocks. She also worked in helpful details about Jane Austen, who my daughter is currently studying, including some interesting facts about the socioeconomic conditions of her time and how they affected architectural choices. Thank you!