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2.5 hours
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Louvre Museum
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  • Explore the Louvre with skip-the-line tickets and interactive activities
  • Led by a scholar trained to work with children
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This private 2.5-hour Louvre for Kids Tour, led by a specially trained family-friendly art historian, provides an interactive learning experience for children exploring the Louvre Museum’s many famous works of art. Innovative and engaging, this tour is tailored to the children’s interests to encourage curiosity and abstract thinking and change the way they experience museums.
  • Louvre Museum
  • 2.5 hours with a family-friendly Ph.D. or MA-level guide
  • Please Note: Our team will pre-purchase timed admission tickets on behalf of your party. However, due to enhanced COVID-19 safety precautions at this venue, there will be a mandatory security line that we must wait in together. 
  • This venue may require headsets on certain tours. We may add a headset fee to your order if it is required for your group. 

Accompanied by an expert in art history, we’ll begin at the beginning—the building itself. We’ll discuss its origins as a fortress to its role as a palace of the French Kings and Queens and share the stories surrounding the building. Then, we might journey off to ancient Egypt to investigate the pharaonic legends told through their hieroglyphs. We’ll certainly venture to ancient Greece, perhaps first through the elusive Winged Victory of Samothrace or the famous Venus de Milo, asking questions like, Why doesn’t she have arms? What else can we learn from her pose? Next, we’ll travel through the painting wings, where we might see the curious smile of the heroine Mona Lisa or get into the nitty-gritty of the Romantic or Neoclassical movements in French and Italian painting.

At each stop, our expert guide, trained in visual thinking strategies, will keep the young adventurers interested with inquisitive questions and activities to bring the artwork to life, while also engaging parents in the learning process. Our finale will be an introduction to Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa. By the end of the tour, your family will not only have discovered fascinating characters and stories behind the masterworks in the Louvre's extensive collection but also have acquired a grasp of the evolution of art history.

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What is a private tour?
Our private tours are limited exclusively to travelers of your party. They are designed to provide a learning experience that is completely tailored to you and your traveling companions. Private tours give you more flexibility with scheduling (you decide when the walk best fits in your trip), the ability to tailor your itinerary (we'll work to match the itinerary to the interests and dynamics of your group), and more personalized time with your guide.

Where do we meet? Where does the tour end?
Generally speaking, the walk begins at a café near the Louvre. Your confirmation email will have the exact meeting point details along with a map. The walk ends inside the Louvre, and you are free to stay on after the tour is over and continue exploring the museum's collection.

There are 7 in my family, can we take this tour?
Our Louvre tours are capped at 6 due to venue reservation restrictions, this also helps your tour experience in order to best navigate the museum and crowds. Should you have a larger group, we suggest splitting into multiple groups.

Will you pre-purchase tickets?
We pre-purchase dated and timed Louvre tickets for all visitors, which give access to the museum within half an hour of the time shown on the ticket. If you have one of our pre-purchased tickets, you will not be required to wait in any ticket line. There is a security check through which all visitors to the museum are required to pass, and there is sometimes a line for this. Because we have advance tickets, we have access to a special ticket holder security line, which is very short. Your guide will have the tickets with him/her on the day of the tour. Unfortunately, we will not be able to refund your Louvre tickets if you have Museum Passes. The tickets are mandatory. 
Louvre tickets description:
  • Fast-track access to the Louvre
  • Tickets are dated, timed, and named
  • Enter via a special entrance, using the line for ticket holders with a timeslot 
  • Admission within 30 minutes before and after the timeslot received
  • If you leave the museum, you won't be allowed back in with the same ticket
  • Ticket holders may be asked to present a valid photo ID. Without it, access to the museum could be refused
Are strollers allowed in the Louvre?
Strollers are allowed in the museum. You can bring your own or request a temporary stroller from the information desk. There are elevators throughout the museum as well to facilitate your visit. You can find more information on the Louvre website.
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Aline was nice knowledge and made out tour an amazing experience
Jessica was a great guide - friendly and very knowledgeable. She engaged the kids and made our time in the museum fun and efficient. A highlight of our trip!

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