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Prague Private Tours and Prague Small Group Tours

Prague Private and Small Group Guided Tours

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Built on hills alongside the Vltava River and then shaped by the vision of Charles IV, who remade the city as a Parisian-style capital, Prague is a city of architectural and cultural wonders.
From its “hundred spires” to Art Nouveau architecture and the Black Madonna, the world’s first Cubist building, there’s no denying that Prague is beautiful. The city’s real beauty, however, is in the depth and complexity of its history: long a city of learning for intellectuals from all over Europe, Prague has played pivotal roles in the evolutions of Catholicism, Judaism, Communism, and revolution. Explore the marvels of Prague with Context's private and small group guided tours.

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Prague Private Tours and Prague Small Group Tours

With over 20 experts in our network in Prague, we've pulled together a distinct selection of private and small group guided tours and other experiences. Some of the most popular tours include our Jewish Prague Tour, in which we survey the city's role within the global mosaic of Judaism and visit important heritage sites like the Old Synagogue and Jewish Cemetery, as well as our Art Nouveau Tour, which examines some of the most striking modernist architecture in the city, including the Black Madonna. We also organize a Prague Communism Tour with a local historian, in which we start with a sweeping view of the city on Vitkov Hill, then trace the history of this city behind the Iron Curtain, eventually leading to the Velvet Revolution.
What Context Prague Travelers Say
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Teresa did a fantastic job. We learned a lot and enjoyed our time with her.
Our guide is very nice and very knowledgeable. She knows Jewish history very well. However, she liked to ask us questions instead of simply providing us with information. She waited for answers to her questions, even when we had no idea, and said we did not know. It was fairly awkward. Our guide's English was not as strong as Ian, the guide we had the prior day.
Ian is an excellent guide. He was engaging and informative and gave the tour with good humor. We thoroughly enjoyed our tour with Ian.