Half-Day Ostia Antica Archaeological Site Day Trip from Rome

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Ostia Antica Archaeological Site
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  • Tour an excavated city outside of Rome with an archaeologist or classical historian
  • Visit ancient baths and an ancient restaurant to get a feel for daily life
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Unlike the Colosseum, this lesser-known archaeological marvel offers a comprehensive view of an entire Roman town as your expert guide brings it to life. You will explore residential areas, public baths, temples, markets, and theaters while you pick your way through two thousand-year-old apartment complexes, visit a bygone restaurant, and learn about bizarre religious cults.

You'll begin your Ostia Antica tour in Rome, with a short train or private car ride toward the coast. Along the way, your expert guide will discuss the regional geography of the area, Ostia's role as Rome's port, and the historic background leading up to the town's rise in the Imperial era. You'll spend your tour hearing narratives come alive before your eyes while combing through the ruins, which include some of the best examples of baths, a fantastic amphitheater, and several Mithraic temples, not to mention a forum with temples.

 As you walk, you'll focus on the daily life of regular, working-class Romans. You'll spend time in the market area with its wonderful mosaics discussing the economy of the empire and the materials and commodities that made their way through there every day. Your expert guide will lead you to the insulae (apartment houses) that characterize Ostia and even visit an ancient bakery and fast-food restaurant.

  • You've heard the hustle and bustle of the Colosseum and city center, and you have a feeling your party would prefer a less crowded alternative that's equally rich in history and impressive to explore. 
  • You have already visited the major archaeological sites in Rome's city center, like the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, and you want a deeper dive into ancient Roman civilization and society.
  • You are intrigued about the daily lives of ordinary Romans, from their homes and shops to public baths and communal latrines - all via a quick and easy day trip in a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere.

  • Ostia Antica Archaeological Site


The cost of this tour includes the cost of the tickets for the Archeological Site. You will be responsible for the cost of the train ticket. It is recommended to have cash and small coins with you. If you choose to arrive to and from Ostia by private car, all associated costs are included in the tour price.


Can I be picked up from my hotel?
Yes, if you want to be picked up from your hotel, please select the optional 2-way car transfers at check out and share your hotel address with us. In this case, the guide and your private driver will meet you at your hotel.

Is it possible to spend more time on-site on our own?
You are welcome to stay more time on-site, but the guide's time with you ends after 5 hours and therefore you will have to return to Rome on your own at the end of the tour.

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Why should I tour Ostia Antica instead of Pompeii?
There are two reasons many of our clients in Rome choose to visit Ostia over Pompeii. The first is that it's much closer and easier to visit. While it takes up to three hours to get to Pompeii from Rome, Ostia is a quick 30/45-minute train ride. The second reason is that many scholars feel that Ostia is a better example of a real, working-class town than Pompeii. We add a third reason. Visiting Ostia has a lower carbon footprint than visiting Pompeii, and given the crowds at the latter and general "undiscovered" feeling of the former, it's a more enjoyable, enriching experience.

How do we get from Rome to Ostia? 
You will meet your guide at the Porta San Paolo train station in Rome to board the regional Roma-Lido train to Ostia Antica. The train journey takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes, and the guide will assist you in purchasing the train ticket on-site. Alternatively, you may choose to use a car service, available as an option at checkout. If you select the car service, the guide and driver will meet you at your hotel.

How long is the drive to Ostia?
The drive from Rome to Ostia is about 45 minutes (1.5 hours round trip) depending on traffic. If you choose car transport, please know we book the car based on the size of the group. Please make sure to select the correct vehicle at checkout according to the size of your group and let us know your hotel address in Rome.

Can we visit the Synagogue?
The synagogue in Ostia—the oldest in Europe—is located at the far end of the Archeological Site and it is not usually included on our tour, but it is possible to shape the tour so that we include it. Please let us know in advance so that we can inform your guide accordingly.

We understand that some of our valued guests may have mobility concerns, and we want to ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable experience throughout your tour. If there are any accessibility concerns that your tour guide will need to be aware of, please let our team know at the time of booking.

Is this tour wheelchair-friendly?
Ostia Antica is an archaeological site that is still being uncovered, making it very difficult for wheelchairs, walkers, or canes. The average group tour covers about 3 miles. The guides can adjust the route to cover less ground, but the tour is anyways quite challenging. All guests should wear comfortable walking shoes.

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Mara was fabulous!
Alessandra was a wonderful tour guide! Super personable and shared so many interesting facts and stories. She was great about modifying the tour for a member of our family who has a medical condition. We really enjoyed seeing Ostia Antica. Well worth the trip as the ruins are well preserved and you can really understand how ancient Romans lived. I would highly recommend both the tour and Alessandra!
Livia was outstanding.