Rome Holiday Food Tour

Enjoy Christmas treats with a culinary expert
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2 hours
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  • Historic District
  • Artisanal Food Shops
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  • Offering a unique opportunity to learn about and taste traditional Italian holiday treats, gaining insights into their origins and significance
  • Helping you understand the role of cuisine in Italy's holiday traditions, fostering a deeper connection with the city and its history
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Tour Description
Immerse yourself in the heart of Rome's festive spirit, during a time when the city's streets come alive with the essence of family, food, and celebration. Hosted by a local food expert – perhaps a writer, historian, or chef – you'll explore the unique culinary delights of the Roman holiday season.

This tour is more than just a tasting journey; it's an educational experience that will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to navigate Rome's cafes and food shops like a local. Discover the regional specialties, understand their origins, and appreciate how cuisine is an integral part of Italy's holiday traditions.

As you wander through the festively lit historic center, feel the warmth of the season and the excitement of Romans engaging in their cherished holiday traditions. You'll visit small artisan shops, each offering a sensory feast, and be tempted by the inviting aromas of freshly roasted chestnuts from street vendors.

Your guide, a connoisseur of Roman cuisine, will introduce you to traditional sweets that define Italian holiday gastronomy. Relish the taste of torrone, a sweet nougat treat, and savor panettone, the classic sweet bread hailing from Milan. Let the rich flavors of Italian hot chocolate melt in your mouth as you soak in the rich history behind these festive delicacies.
  • This tour supports local, often family-run establishments, where opening hours and availability might vary.
  • We strive to accommodate food allergies and dietary restrictions. 
  • You must specify these in the "Additional Details" Box, and we will do our best to adapt the tour route accordingly.
Here are Several Foods You Might Taste with your Guide:
  • Panettone: Savor a  traditional Italian Christmas bread, rich with fruits and a sweet, buttery flavor.
  • Hot Chocolate: Savor the warmth of thick, Italian hot chocolate, a comforting treat in Rome's winter.
  • Roasted Chestnuts: Enjoy the smoky, nutty taste of freshly roasted chestnuts, a classic Roman street food during the holidays.
  • Torrone: Delight in torrone, a creamy, chewy nougat filled with nuts, embodying the essence of Italian holiday sweets.
  • Seasonal Gelato: Experience a twist on tradition with gelato featuring festive, seasonal flavors.
General Information
  • This tour entails a moderate walking distance, including uneven cobbled streets.
  • To ensure everyone enjoys the tour, let us know of any mobility concerns or dietary needs during booking.
  • Note: We support local, often family-run establishments, where opening hours and availability might vary.
Tasting Fee
  • Tour cost does not include a sit-down meal or food purchases outside of the provided tastings.
  • These tastings are carefully selected to enhance your experience but do not necessarily constitute a full meal.
Availability Information
  • This tour operates exclusively from December 1st to January 6th. Outside of these dates, the special holiday treats we feature are not available in shops.
  • We have designed this tour to begin at 10 am and 3 pm to avoid meal times, ensure all venues are open, and take advantage of winter daylight hours.
  • While we typically don't offer this tour on Sundays. Several of the venues we experience together are family-owned and operated, and remain closed on Sundays. 
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Is this tour appropriate for kids?
Absolutely! Please mention your children's ages and interests when booking to ensure we assign a guide who's great with kids.

What happens if there’s inclement weather on my tour date?
Rain or shine, our tour goes on! We're equipped to make your experience delightful, regardless of the weather.
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Fantastic! Camilla was so well-informed, with such a lovely sense of humor. And the tastings were spectacular!
Chiara was very, very helpful as well as informative. She had incredible knowledge about Roman cuisine and was very helpful called a Taxi for us at the end.
We had a wonderful time with Eleanora. She had fun stories and very knowledgeable about the Rome food scene.