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This was an amazing walking tour of Tokyo! Our guide, Rafael, was excellent in every way. He was prompt and prepared and knew the route we took well. He talked to us the whole time about history, the culture, transportation, food... he set us up with passes for the trains and got us acquainted with the system. We covered so much ground that day! It was wonderful to familiarize ourselves with the area we were staying in and helped to navigate surrounding areas. We got to see everything we wanted to see on our list and more. We are very grateful to have started our trip to Tokyo off on such a great and informative note. We would highly recommend everyone start their trip with a Context Tour and Rafael!
Our family of 7 met our guide Rafael, who led us on a tour through several Japanese iconic sites, a cultural center overlooking a temple and a shrine. He showed us the beauty of Japanese architecture and its historic influences from Korea, China and India. He also explained the cultural influence of the five elements and their effect on building structures and Japanese ideals. We gained an appreciation for the simplicity, harmony and uniformity of Japanese thought and life. Rafael demonstrated great care for our comfort and personal interests the entire day and ultimately shepherded us to our final destination so he knew we made it there safely.. Rafael’s kindness, flexible, quiet enthusiasm and attention to detail made this day to be an enjoyable and enlightening introduction to a beautiful and fascinating country.
Jay provided us with exactly the kind of experience for which we look to Context. He was Insightful, interesting and had a perfect manner. It was a treat to get to spend time with someone so knowledgeable and enthusiastic. And, he was delightful with our 5th tour member, a one year old. It’s not often we meet someone in this circumstance with whom we wish we could spend more time.