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Booked with us and need to cancel? Here's the tl;dr. 
  • Request cancellation via your online account (or, for agents, your client's account). 
  • All tours through July 31, 2020 are now canceled (as of June 1). We are currently working on issuing credits to all impacted guests. If you are traveling in this time, you should already have heard from us. If not, shoot us an email at 
  • We are currently offering 100% credit on all cancelled tours, regardless of date or reason, and including up to 24 hours prior to your tour time.
  • Ticket credits are handled separately and may be delayed depending on venue (more info below). 
  • Please have patience! Our response time is much slower than usual as we navigate through these new challenges. We're keeping track of your messages and will get back to you as soon as we can - but for non-urgent issues, it may be a week or two.

Read on for more information and detail - what we like to call the full context. 


Are you still running tours? 

We have canceled all tours in all destinations through May 31, 2020. We continue to evaluate the situation on a rolling basis to decide whether we need to cancel beyond this date. In the meantime, if your travel plans have changed (which we know most have!) you can request a cancellation via your account—no need to wait for us.

I need to cancel my booking due to the pandemic. What terms apply?

As the COVID-19 situation has evolved and expanded over recent weeks, so too has our approach to cancellations. We’ve now simplified to the following terms for COVID-related cancellations: 100% credit for the full price of your order, for cancellations up to 24 hours before tour time (except tickets, see our note below).

How do I request cancellation?

You can now request a cancellation via your online account (login > account > orders). We will be notified and will send a cancellation / credit receipt via email once we have processed your cancellation.

How do I check the status of my cancellation request?

We don’t yet have the capability for you to live-track status. We are processing cancellations as they come in and are mostly able to send your credit receipt within 5 business days. If you’ve requested cancellation online and haven’t heard anything from us in over 2 weeks, please reach out via email to check in.

What about tickets? Why are those different from the rest of my order? 

We pre-purchase tickets at the time of your booking to guarantee access to venues that, in pre-COVID times, sell out [sometimes many months in advance]. We are now working with over a dozen venues in many countries to ourselves to recoup the cost of those tickets. This process is slow at times given the severe disruption to normal operations and the volume of cancelled tours/ticket that we have to correctly unwind (thousands). We just need a bit of time to get it right with the venues and in our own records so that we can get it right for you. Rest assured we are doing so and will proactively come back to you once we have more info. 


I’ve canceled for credit. What now?

Context credits are good anywhere, anytime in the future. Planned to go to Italy this year but changed your mind and heading to Mexico in November? No matter—your credit will apply.

Where can I see the credit in my account?

You can log into your Context account and navigate to “My Profile” (direct link here).

What if I / my clients really need a refund to my card?

At this time our policy is to offer a 100% credit usable for future travel with Context. We've made it as flexible as possible and are busy building out a number of domestic US options (as well as virtual) to make it even easier to use. If you or your clients have circumstances unrelated to COVID, you may be covered by trip insurance. (For Travel Advisors: Keep in mind you can choose to apply a credit to your agency account, and use on future bookings for any client!)

Info for Travel Advisors

How can I request cancellation on behalf of my client?

Request a cancellation via your online account (login > account > client orders). We will be notified and will send a cancellation / credit receipt via email once we have processed your cancellation.

Is the credit linked to my account or the client's account?

Our standard practice is to link the credit to the client's account. If you prefer to link to your account as an advisor email us at with the client's name and order # in the subject line and we can transfer it. Then you can apply this credit on any booking for any client.

Where can I view this credit? 

If the credit is linked to my client's account, how do I apply it to a new order? 
The credit will automatically be applied to your clients next order. 

Will I get commission on a canceled order? 
Yes. You are linked to your client in our system. When they book using their credit, you will receive commission the month following the service date of their tour.