About Andrés
Born in Lima in 1981, Andrés is a seasoned tour leader, self-taught artist, and history and politics researcher. Coming from the field of Communications Science and Philosophy, he started working in the traveling industry in 2004 for a world-leading adventure travel company. His tour leading took him traveling around Peru and South America, becoming over the years an expert all-terrain tour conductor. In parallel to his traveling job, Andrés began to develop a photographic-based art project back by 2008, which lead to a first solo show in a major contemporary art gallery in 2011, and various participations in art fairs and collective exhibits. In 2013 he designed, produced, and released the interdisciplinary study and public intervention Homage to Ambulant Comedy, which involved the participation of dozens of top-level artists and communicators. Since 2016, Andrés focused on educational tours, which he soon discovered as his real traveling passion. This vocation allowed him to delve deeper into his long term study of Peruvian history and politics, thriving for deeper insights and broader content for his tours. The resultant expertise -added to a unique storytelling style- makes him an exceptional character when addressing his city-of-all-bloods context interpretation.
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