Cecilia Maria

Mexico City
About Cecilia Maria
Cecilia was born in Denmark, to a Danish mother and a Chilean father, and grew up in Nicaragua, Tanzania, and Denmark. Understanding cultures and historical memory have always been primus motor in Cecilia’s interests, which led to her obtaining a Master´s Degree in American Indian Cultures and Languages from the University of Copenhagen, in which she specialized in how human mobility and cultural interaction functioned in Mesoamerica. In 2008, she got her archaeological feet wet in Tiwanaku, Bolivia, and became interested in how human remains, and the cultural handling of the dead reflect the living society. She worked in the National Museum of Denmark as a guide and student intern in the Ethnographic Collection. Since arriving in Mexico in 2011, Cecilia has studied many different aspects of cultural formation in Central Mexico, mainly Teotihuacan, where she lives. Cecilia has presented papers at international symposia in Museo del Templo Mayor (INAH) and the University of Copenhagen, guest-lectured at the Escuela Nacional de Antropología e Historia (ENAH), and has authored and co-authored several publications (2013, 2014 and 2017). She is also an IB MYP history examiner and a freelance translator, speaking (and giving tours) in English, Spanish and Danish. Besides her research interests, Cecilia is passionate about environmental issues, the zero-waste movement and sustainability in modern society.
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