About Chandi
Chandi has masters' degrees in both international education and renaissance history and is the author of a memoir about her solo long-distance walk on Italy’s pilgrimage route. During her studies under the renowned Florentine Renaissance scholar Dr. Dale Kent, Chandi developed a particular interest in the intersection between humanist and artistic innovations in 15th century Florence and the Neoplatonism of Lorenzo de' Medici’s court. Chandi has taught history for colleges in the US and the Middle East, where her ability to make history accessible and relevant was highly praised. During her first visit to Italy in the 1980s, Chandi became enthralled with Florence and its heritage, and her passion for the city has been a constant ever since. She recently made Florence her home and passed the challenging 10-month course to obtain a professional tour guide license. Chandi can be counted on for tips about how to escape the crowds and where to get the best gelato.
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