About Halley
Halley is a renown Hong Kong artist, receiving his MVA in Studio Arts from the Hong Kong Baptist University. He enjoys walking around the city to explore and discover the local city fabric, which is what his artworks are deeply inspired by. He is particularly interested in observing the locals' living creativity connected with daily life objects and plants. Halley presents his artworks regularly worldwide, including London, Basel, Miami, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Taipei and Guangzhou. He has exhibited in Art Basel Hong Kong every year since 2013. Specializing in visual arts and culture, Halley is familiar with local art and cultural spaces and artifacts, including independent art spaces and art events. He has few years experience running a homestay business, and has been leading arts and cultural tours such as the Fotanian Open Studios, Gallery Walk along the SoHo area, JCCAC and Sham Shui Po area. Halley is eager to share the true cultural fabric and city texture of Hong Kong with visitors from all over the world!
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