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London History Tour: Portrait of a City, Hidden London
About Helen
Being an islander (originally from Sicily), it is not surprising that Helen’s key interest should be the study of Mediterranean archaeology, particularly understanding the development of island cultural identities in the context of early civilizations. She gained her PhD at the Institute of Archaeology, London, in 2005, and her dissertation covered the entire Mediterranean, from Gibraltar to the Levant, and from prehistoric to Roman times. Since 2006, Helen has been an Associate Lecturer and Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Kent, and more recently a tutor at Birkbeck College. She has supervised research-led excavations in Italy, Greece, Cyprus, and Morocco, and has worked in British contract archaeology. Having lived in London for some fifteen years, and having worked as Senior Archaeologist for the Museum of London for five years, Helen has first-hand knowledge of the city’s archaeology and hidden history. She is the author of several reports for the Museum of London, including a popular booklet detailing the museum’s recent discovery of Shakespeare’s first theatre in London, Shoreditch. Helen currently shares her time between London and Berlin.
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