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Ypres and Flanders WWI Battlefield Excursion
About Emanuel
As a youngster from a neighbouring village, Emanuel passed the many Great War cemeteries and sites day by day heading into Ypres. To him, these were such an obvious feature in the landscape. Growing into adolescence, weariness about the many graves and how men from all over the world ended up here, turned into respect, remembrance and passion. When he researched the path of soldiers at the frontline through the project ‘Passchendaele Archives', working in the Memorial Museum Passchendaele, the gratitude of the relatives made an enormous impact on him. Since then, Emanuel's involvement in the remembrance of the Great War and local history has become personal. Since 2009 he takes people around the battlefields. His aim is not simply to welcome and guide guests around the battlefields, he wants you to experience history. Let him guide you to the sites where so many men lived in agony and here he will explain how life as a soldier was and the personal stories of love, hardship and sacrifice.
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