About Marcin
Marcin is a scholar and a part-time lecturer at Kyoto University. He specializes in Japanese folklore, History of Kyoto, History of Japanese culture and Japanese religions. The big theme of his research is "How did Japan create the traditional image it is known for?". Marcin is currently in the middle of a very slow and painful process of writing his Ph.D. thesis at Kyoto University, where he also got his Master's degree. His future Ph.D. is focusing on the traditional depictions of Japanese otherworld and usage of these traditional motifs in present-day Japanese culture and Kyoto tourism. Marcin also has a Master's degree in Japanese studies from Warsaw University, Poland. In Poland he published a book "Kaidan - Strange Tales of Edo period" (2011) in which he introduces Japanese ghosts, demons and goblins in 17th- &18th-century Japan. He also co-wrote "The Culture of Heian Imperial Court" (2008) about Japanese culture in the 9th and 10th Centuries. Marcin has a wide knowledge of Japan, starting from its history, folklore and religion, through its politics and post-war society, but also has an interest in its more recent pop culture and media. In his spare time, he enjoys walking through Kyoto’s streets, rediscovering its secrets and searching for delicious local treats. He also enjoys riding his Kawasaki motorcycle, seeking more remote and hidden places. Marcin has lived in Kyoto for 15 years and is working for Context since 2016.
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