About Nick
After studying attending an ancient City of London school and University in Edinburgh, Nick moved to London to work in the pharmaceutical industry. After a short stint he began to volunteer at a historic house. This is when he fell in love with the Georgian house at the top of the hill; its prominent position as home of the top judge in the land, its world class Robert Adam architecture, and its collection of Old Masters to rival any art gallery in the world. It was here that he learnt the basics of guiding, and realized that he may have stumbled onto the path to that elusive 'dream job'. A short time later Nick started working with English Heritage, where he oversees interpretation projects and exhibitions at heritage sites in the south of England. At the same time he started a guiding course accredited by the Institute of Tourist Guiding, and in summer 2016, after a year of illuminating lectures, all weather-walks, and excruciating exams, he qualified as a City of London guide. While his academic training was scientific, his academic interests now lie mainly in the City of London – the nucleus of the modern day metropolis. His personal interests lay in LGBTQ history, Medieval London, the lost rivers of London and architecture through the ages, and look forward to sharing these passions with likeminded people.
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