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About Nikki
Nikki is an entrepreneur, creative and drinks book author, inspired by the stories and flavours in wine, whisky and beer. Her love of language and cultures took her into the wine industry straight out of her BA in Economics and languages, where a number of stints in France and Spain kickstarted her love of wine and interest in the role of food in culture and how eating together brings people together. A theme that continued into her MSc in Gastronomy at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. After a career in the commercial wine trade she set up her own business dedicated to decoding wine and other similar drinks for everyone, the result of this is a digital, event and training business based around her unique flavour maps. Edinburgh is an adopted city for Nikki, who embraces all elements of life here, especially the festivals during August. Work keeps her pretty busy, but when she's not organising a whisky or wine pop up bar you'll find her with glass in hand or cooking for friends with some locally sourced bootie!
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