About Poling
Pauline spent her whole life in a cross cultural environment, starting with her hometown the British Colony of Hong Kong when she was a child, onto a high school education in a multi-cultural society in Singapore, 10 years of hotel and restaurant experience on the outskirts of the Native American reseration in Winslow, Arizona, and finally a career in Global Management. She was trained in Hospitality and Global Management and lectures on Global Culture, Business Management and trains expatriates on intercultural awareness working and living in Asia. Pauline has a natural knack for all things culture: history, politics, art, religion, people, food… She travelled the world by herself, going to places such as Aswan deep in Egypt, walking the old city in Jerusalem, and meeting and learning from people from all over the world wherever she goes. She carries the spirit of hospitality, welcoming friends and sharing what she knows about culture wherever she lives. She lives primarily between Hong Kong and the USA, finding Hong Kong more interesting each time she returns, digging deeper into the development of her hometown through the years, and staying in awe of the changes in the people, the place, the history and the development. She speaks English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.
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