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Savoring Lisbon Food Tour
About Shivam
Shivam is Portuguese chef that has mainly worked with Japanese food in different places around the world. His passion for Japanese culture began at a quite young age and grew stronger after a decade of training in martial arts and 3 month's intensive study in Japan. Most of his travels always ended up in Asia where he spent a great deal of time in India learning local cuisine, yoga and the meaning of life.  He has a large family in Hong Kong where he is always happy to return to so that he can enjoy dim sum and other local delicacies.  He is fascinated with how Lisbon is becoming a cosmopolitan city so rapidly and the way in which food has changed as a consequence. Since 2012, he relocated to Alentejo where he co - runs a yoga retreat centre in the countryside. Currently, he divides his time between there and Lisbon, a city he feels proud to call home.
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