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About Thijs
As a student of visual arts and art teaching in Amsterdam, expressing himself in imagery and defining the symbolism all around us is Thijs's daily business. Thijs lived part of his life on the Caribbean island of Curacao, a former colony of the Netherlands, experience that offers him a unique perspective on Dutch culture. Working with UNESCO world heritage on Curacao, Thijs assisted in public programming and co-created events. More recently, he teaches high school pupils in the subjects of crafts, art-history and drawing, developing skills in creating assignments and active learning. Thijs has also worked as a tour guide for the Amsterdam Monuments Association, indulging a profound interest in, and passion for, the buildings and architecture of Amsterdam, as well as city development from the 17th century until today. He is currently working towards an international Masters in Museology at the Reinwardt Academy, with a focus on community and ethical problems in the field of museums and cultural institutions.
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