Shopping in Lisbon: Top Tips on Where to Go and What to Buy

Learn how to shop like a local in Lisbon, discovering authentic goods and avoiding tourist traps
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50 minutes
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  • Various Specialty Food Shops
  • Bairro Alto Neighborhood
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In an era dominated by chain stores proliferating across the globe, the charm of discovering quaint, time honored shops nestled in the historic streets of European cities is becoming increasingly rare. So how do we know what to buy and where to shop for local, authentic goods? This lecture offers a delightful journey back in time as we unveil some historical stores and products that have stood the test of time in Lisbon. We will step into the world of shopping from 18th and 19th to early 20th centuries. You will discover vintage Portuguese products from iconic brands as we explore these hidden gems, each with its own unique story and allure.
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Estela Mendes is an art historian. Born and raised in Lisbon, she has been teaching about the beauty of the world for many years. After working in national palaces in Portugal, Estela moved to London where she spent 5 years working at museums like Buckingham Palace, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the British Museum and the National Portrait Gallery. Her background in art history gives a special view of the history of the city, using art to illustrate historical facts. She likes to walk through quiet streets and show small secrets to those who have never been to Lisbon.

From beeswax candles infused with essentials oils, to porcelain that serves royal houses of Europe, we will visit the glamorous streets of the most fashionable district of Lisbon where historic cafes surrounded by theaters invite us to travel back in time. Led by an expert in fashion history, Estela Mendes, we will embark on a journey through time and style. Designed to inspire curiosity and future travels, participants will come away with new ways to explore and experience Lisbon.
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