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Alessandro is an archaeologist and art historian, and studied Greek and Roman archaeology with Mario Torelli and Filippo Coarelli. He has published his undergraduate thesis on Greek Works of Art in the Age of Augustus, his Ph.D. thesis on Hellenistic Sculpture, as well as a number of articles on Greek and Roman art. An expert in cultures and civilizations of the Mediterranean, Alessandro has traveled from Morocco to Iran, participated in excavation programs in southern Italy and Greece, and lived in Athens for a long period. He has collaborated with travel magazines, published a guide book on the Greek Islands. A book of photos and short proses was recently published with the title Aura. Voyage to Italy. He gives tours in Umbria, Rome, and other parts of Italy, he lectures for public and private associations. He also teaches archaeology and art history in American and Canadian universities in Rome, Tuscany, and Perugia. He has three children, Sofia, Dario, and Dafne.
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