• Eat your way to the heart of Kyoto cuisine

    Strolling Nishiki Market

  • London's Legacy in the Slave Trade

    A walk through history, from slavery to abolition

  • Lights Out, Paris Under the Occupation

    New walk commemorating the 70th anniversary of D-Day

  • Slide into the Shoes of Madrid's Historic Characters to Investigate the Bygone Days of this Capital City

    Madrid Through the Centuries for Families

  • Ottoman Architecture

    Explore Istanbul's magnificent mosques

  • Dig into a traditional Shanghainese feast

    A Taste of Old Shanghai

  • 42nd Street and a Century of Modern Building

    Architecture of New York

  • Experience the Sistine Chapel on a Private, Guided, Exclusive Visit.

    Vatican After Hours

  • Berlin's Transforming Feature and its Physical History Explained

    Walking the Wall

  • Canals, Bicycles, Van Gogh, Dutch Architecture

    We've landed in Amsterdam!

  • Secrets of the Habsburgs' Summer Residence in Vienna

    Two new tours of Schönbrunn Palace, including a family walk

  • Le Jazz Hot, An American Art Form in Paris

    Discover the origins of jazz and its connection to the City of Light

  • An unforgettable experience

    Going on a Context walk is like strolling with a great old friend who has suddenly acquired a prodigious knowledge about the place.


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  • Be careful. Once you've taken a Context tour you'll be spoiled. Not only will you never want to use any other tour company, but you'll be very hesitant to visit any city where Context doesn't offer their services. It'...

    Marc Randolph, Founder of Netflix and Context client since 2004

  • Your pro-active service has been excellent and not matched by any other company in any other field I have been involved with recently. Your website is user friendly and the options which you offer are very broad indee...

    Steven Burke, May 2014 - Istanbul

  • I am such a fan of Context. There is no question that my experience in Berlin was greatly enhanced by our tours with Context. You do such a wonderful job of finding good people who really know their subject matter, an...

    Susan Levine, April 2014 - Berlin

  • On both occasions when I've used Context, I've really appreciated the ease and speed of booking a tour. The entire process is also very well organized -- specifics about where to meet the guide, questions about the i...

    Carolyn Gold, March 2014 - Tokyo

  • We have enjoyed guides from Context Travel in Rome, Florence, Istanbul and now, Madrid. The ease of the process in requesting a guide is unparalleled. The deep knowledge and respect for the cultures revealed is of the...

    Marcheta Gillam, March 2014 - Madrid


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