• Market tour of Barcelona visits La Boqueria

Walk Description

The reigning queen of Barcelona’s vibrant market network, La Boqueria attracts Michelin-starred chefs and local grandmothers equally. As the center of the city food scene and epicenter of Catalan gastronomy, the market offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience the sights, smells, and tastes of gastronomic Barcelona. We’ll explore the market and other food shops on one of our tours in Barcelona, Spain, tracing the history of food in this culinary city, and getting a basic overview of regional Catalan gastronomy.

  • Led by a culinary professional.
  • Includes tastings.
  • Small group—never more than 6 on a tour.

The Market of La Rambla

We begin at the intersection of Carrer de la Boqueria and La Rambla, the ancient seat of La Boqueria, which was founded in the 13th century, making it one of Europe’s oldest markets. As we head toward the modern market, which has been relocated to a modern glass and steel structure nearby, we’ll discuss the long history of public markets in this city, from the medieval period to their revitalization in the 1990s.

We’ll spend the majority of our time together under the glistening canopy of La Boqueria itself, where we will sample typical dishes at such famed tapas bars as Pinotxo or El Quim. We’ll venture into the briny, wet stands area, stopping to examine freshly hunted wild mushrooms or to inhale the salty aromas of cured jamon and embotits. Along the way, our docent, a trained food critic and historian, will explain some of the origins and provenance of these foods against the backdrop of Catalonia’s rich culinary history and diverse geography.

Inventive and Sustainable

Catalan cuisine is as innovative as it is economical: No part of the animal is thrown out. Unusual combinations like rabbit with snails (conejo con caracoles) or pigs feet with nuts and peas (pies de cerdo con piñones y guisantes) illustrate the experiments of ancient Catalan cooks. From this lineage of contrasting flavor profiles and economical exploits, Catalonia leads the world in culinary innovation, boasting many Michelin star restaurants and forging new frontiers with the wildly popular molecular gastronomy.

Take Aways

The final leg of the walk will take us out of La Boqueria into the stone streets of El Raval where we’ll visit a couple of specialty food shops and pass by several notable restaurants in the burgeoning culinary scene of Barcelona. We’ll pay particular attention to neighborhood restaurants that specialize in “market cuisine” in order to highlight the dialogue between market and restaurant, produce and chef. We will stop briefly to discuss the role of seasonality and the continued globalization of our food markets. Depending on the time of day, our walk may end at either Granja Viader, a local "dairy" that serves the afternoon merinda of chocolate, or the famous bakery Escriba, two deeply rooted Catalonian institutions that will serve to punctuate our experience.

Please note any food allergies or intolerances in the Notes box when booking.

Duration: 3 hours
Category: Cuisine
Venues: La Boqueria
Additional Costs:
  • Farm to Fork tastings - $16 (mandatory)

    This fee covers tastings during the course of this walk.

  • Esther_thumb

    Esther Dotras

    A Barcelona native, Esther grew up cooking with her mother and grandmother. Their love of Catalan traditions and use of local ingredients laid the basis for her very sophisticated knowledge of Catalan cuisine. Having studied business administration and marketing on the university level, Esther has traveled extensively, giving her a very good sense of the comparisons between cuisines and traditions. When not leading walks for Context, she can be found in Barcelona’s restaurants and markets.

  • Screen_shot_2012-05-11_at_13.09.27_thumb

    Albert Planas

    A native Catalan, Albert has been a passionate traveler since living abroad with his family as a child. This led him to pursue a career in cultural tourism. He is a licensed local guide, specializing in developing unique experiences in both Barcelona and further afield around Catalonia.

  • Portrait_sophie_ruggles_thumb

    Sophie Ruggles

    Sophie is a cook and food writer, as well as a food stylist and photographer. Her life took on a very different spin when she moved from Australia to Barcelona in 2003, looking for a sea change. For the first three years in Barcelona she ran her own small restaurant in the suburb of Gracia called EMU Bar. She has since closed the doors to Emu and now dedicates her time to food writing, gastronomic tours, and hosting private cooking classes in her beautiful kitchen/garden. Sophie's cookbooks include "My Barcelona Kitchen," "Suddenly Cooking: Real Food Made Real Easy," the ebook "Kitchen essentials," and "EAT GST Free!".

  • Open-uri20150420-19244-1qroskz

    Anne Jordan

    Cooking, eating, and travel have always been Anne's passions. She grew up with a father who was a chef and helped him for many years creating and leading food tours for culinary students and professionals. Anne went to study French Cuisine at ESCF-Ferrandi in Paris, France, and then completed two internships at La Bigarrade and Akrame. She has worked at Verjus, in Paris, and also as a chef on private yachts all over the Mediterranean. Filled with restaurants whose creative, talented chefs have helped make Spain a gastronomic capital of the world, Barcelona has a rich food culture Anne looks forward to sharing with you!