Ming to Manchu: the Forbidden City

Led by sinologists from local universities, our walking tour of the Forbidden City provides an in-depth introduction to one of Beijing's most compelling sites. Inside the massive space, we'll dig into Chinese dynastic history and the historical context that underlay the Communist revolution of the 20th century. Read our guide on How to Tour the Forbidden City to help you plan your visit.


Jinshanling Great Wall

The Great Wall of China runs more than 5,000 miles across the northern reaches of the Middle Kingdom. It is one one of the greatest achievements of the Ming dynasty that ruled China in the 15th century. During this scholar-led Great Wall day-trip, we'll climb one of the more notable (and less touristy) sections of the Wall near Beijing, called Jinshanling, in the company of our expert guides.


The Summer Palace

The largest and best-preserved imperial garden in China, the Summer Palace’s idyllic setting belies a rich and complex history. During our scholar-led walking tour of the Summer Palace, we'll explore it not only within the context of Imperial China, but also within China’s connection to the Western world.

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