• Photo depicting our Lion Hunt, Family Orientation

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Photo by Almudena Cros
  • Photo depicting our Lion Hunt, Family Orientation

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Photo by Almudena Cros

Walk Description

Our orientation family tours in Venice, Italy uses lions—the symbol of Venice—to trace a route in and around the Rialto and San Marco area. A good dose of fun keeps families interested and entertained. We begin with a visit to San Marco where we start to count the lions (kids compete to see who finds most lions on the walk). En route to the Rialto bridge and colorful fish market, we will learn more about the fascinating city and search for emblems on the various buildings.

While weaving a discussion about the history of the city we may have the opportunity to cross the canal with a traghetto ride, which is how the locals travel. We'll also discuss the international nature of the city with a possible visit to Marco Polo's house or the Fondaco dei Tedeschi, the former warehouse and lodging for the German merchant population that is now home to the post office!

As an orientation to the city and its history, the exact walk varies from docent to docent, as each will incorporate their hidden treasures to enhance your experience. Either way, your children will come away with an excitement for and knowledge of Venice.

In order to plan the best possible experience for your children, it would be helpful for us know some background. Have they traveled to other countries in the past? If so, where? Have they studied any subjects in school that would relate to the walk? Are they interested in art, music, even food! The more you can tell us, the better.

Due to the very interactive nature of this program and given the educational environment our docent aim to evoke, we adhere to a very strict maximum of 6 participants. Groups larger than 6 will need to book two separate walks that can run concurrently, but with different docents.

Duration: 3 hours
Category: Family Program
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    Matteo Gabbrielli

    Originally from Venetian mainland, Matteo Gabbrielli has lived in different countries, which sparked his interest in art history and archaeology. He holds a B.A. in Cultural Heritage Preservation and an M.A. in Archaeology from the Università Ca' Foscari – Venezia. He specialized in Islamic Archaeology with a thesis on Medieval Egyptian ceramics, focusing on the sherds found at the Italian – Egyptian Center for Restoration and Archaeology (CIERA) in Cairo. Matteo chose to specialize in Islamic Archaeology, due to his personal passion and curiosity for the Islamic World: this particular interest was developed after several travels and stays in different Middle Eastern countries.
    He works as a freelance archaeologist following projects in different locations of the Veneto and also teaches history courses in local schools. In addition, he continues a close collaboration with the CIERA where he is involved in leading archaeological excavations.

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    Nadia Mazzon

    Nadia has a degree in art history from the Ca' Foscari University in Venice and wrote her thesis on the painter Francis Bacon. After various work experiences, both in public and private sectors, she collaborated in drafting the online magazine "Engramma," which dealt with the study of the classical tradition in Western culture and the mechanisms of transmitting ancient culture in our contemporary age. The magazine was created in conjunction with the Department of Architectural History at I.U.A.V University. Nadia has also spent time in France working at the "Les Abattoirs" center for contemporary art in Toulouse. In 2009 she obtained a guiding license, and through this work is able to share her passion and knowledge of art history, literature, and the history of Italian and Venice with others. Nadia enjoys approaching artworks as a lens through which to investigate and reconstruct historical contexts.

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    Monica Latini

    Monica Latini was born in Venice. She earned her degree in Italian Literature and History from Art at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice and she has developed a wide experience in the museums of the city. For many years she worked as a curator and archivist before moving into the field of museum education where she worked mainly with groups of children. She also worked at the Jewish Museum in Venice as a guide. She qualified as a guide for Venice and its province in 2009. Monica is continuing to study Venice and she often gives lectures on history and art for associations and public libraries. She is co-author of a series of guidebook for children and families about the Venetian churches.

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    Giovanna Gradella

    Born in Venice, Giovanna has a degree in History of Art from the University of Padua. She lived in Brussels and then in Vienna for several years working in international contexts and dealing with different cultural environments. She earned a Master’s degree in Marketing and Advertising at the Ecole de Commerce Solvay writing a final paper on a project for a new Museum of Contemporary Art in Venice. While working for the Museum of the Belvedere in Vienna she developed a passion for cultural guiding. Her experience in the tourism grew on her return to Italy, where with a friend she took over a 4 star Hotel. Fascinated by the power of communication of art she became a licensed guide of the city of Venice and enjoys the beauty of her native city every day.