Rome: The Republic, The Empire, and The Aftermath

The Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, and Colosseum, along with the rest of the ancient area on the eastern side of the city center is the heart of the ancient Roman empire and republic.

We've pulled together some recommendation on what to see and the best way to see it in our article How to Tour The Colosseum. Our four-hour exploration of the ancient sites of Rome is the Roma Antica walking seminar, an archaeologist-led, small-group exploration of the area.

Join a local expert as we fit together the puzzled pieces of ancient Rome.

Ancient Rome


The Vatican, Art History, and Theology

A visit to the Vatican museums, Sistine chapel and St. Peter's Basilica is a required but often challenging stop on any visit to the city. We've pulled together an excellent list of suggestions, definitions, and sometimes "no-no's for your visit to the holy city. Take a peak at our How to Tour The Vatican

If you plan ahead, the most elegant way to visit the Vatican is on our Vatican After Hours Tour.

Sign up early for a chance to have this astounding collection to yourself for two hours.

Vatican Tours


Architecture Tours of Rome

From Bernini and Borromini, to Richard Meier and Zaha Hadid, Rome is a palimpsest of architectural history. Walk through the streets and the years with one of our experts and debate the value and influence of Roman architects and their work.

View a full list of all of our Rome architecture tours.