Discovering the History of London

From Roman settlement to global center of culture and finance. How did London develop and how did it effect its people, architecture and politics? Learn about this and much more on our Portrait of a City walk.

In addition, view our guide on How to Tour the Tower of London.


Kid-Focused Tours of London

Historians trained in inquiry-based learning lead our family tours in London, which are designed as interactive experiences that tap into children's inherent curiosity and get them thinking a bit about the architecture, history, and art around them.


Theatre in London: Shakespeare in London

Celebrate Shakespeare's 450th Birthday! Join our expert in a three hour tour that traces the history of theater and entertainment in London from the 1500s until today. Read more about our Theatre in London tour.


Masterpieces of a Genius, from Wren to the Shard

London's skyline is striking and distinctive. From Renzo Piano to Christopher Wren, from the Gherkin to Tate Modern, architecture reflects the life of the city as much as its art, cuisine and economy.

Learn more on our Architecture walks.


Taste the City with our Culinary Experts

British cuisine is much more than fish and chips and roast beef. Let your taste buds feast on unique British delicacies and learn all about the influence of the Empire on today's taste and trends.