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Walk Description

One of the largest repositories of ancient art in the world, the British Museum provides an amazing backdrop to a family-oriented seminar on the ancient world and its traditions, religions, and lives. Located in the beautiful Bloomsbury neighborhood, the museum holds one of the richest and most eclectic public art collections in the world. From the Rosetta Stone to the lion hunt from the king's palace at Nineveh, the museum is packed full of artwork that can enhance your family's understanding of the ancient world.

The walk will focus on the idea of collecting and how it developed in England around the eighteenth century. We will also pick a theme or a particular civilization and follow its development throughout time while navigating the museum. We may, for instance, focus on the development of scripture from cuneiform to hieroglyphic to our modern alphabet, using tools like the Rosetta Stone and other ancient inscriptions.

In order to plan the best possible experience for your children, it would be helpful for us know some background. Have they traveled to other countries in the past? If so, where? Have they studied any subjects in school that would relate to the walk? Are they interested in art, music, even food? The more you can tell us, the better.

Learn more about our family program here.

Duration: 2 hours
Category: Family Program
Venues: British Museum
  • Profile_thumb

    Caroline Barron

    After a very happy time leading walks for Context in Rome, Caroline returned to her native London to complete a Ph.D at King's College London which conisdered the acquisition of Roman antiquities - and primarily Latin inscriptions - by the Grand Tourists of the 18th century. The project was closely connected with the British Museum, which is also conveniently one of her favourite London destinations. When not leading walks for Context, Caroline can usually be found in the British Library, teaching Undergraduate courses in the Classics department at KCL, or in one of London's many lovely parks with her dog.

  • Ciacci_biog_thumb

    Sarah Ciacci

    Sarah Ciacci has lived and worked in London all her life, but pops over to Rome fairly often. After completing her MA in History of Art at University College London, specialising in late 19th Century French Painting and mid 20th Century Art, she has worked in different areas of the contemporary art world in both London and Rome, before deciding to focus on gallery education. This necessitated a far greater knoweldge base, so Sarah trained to be a guide and qualified as a City of London Guide and as a Blue Badge Tourist Guide in 2008. She now works as a guide, specialising in Museums and Galleries as well as tours for children and young people, she teaches courses in art history and the history of London at the University of Richmond and works as a gallery educator at the National Portrait Gallery and the Dulwich Picture Gallery, specialising in tours for older people and people with Dementia.

  • R0011426_thumb

    Jim Harris

    Jim came to art history relatively late. After training at RADA and working as an actor and musician in theatre and television for over a decade, he arrived at the Courtauld Institute of Art where he took a BA, MA and PhD, writing his doctoral thesis on Donatello. He held two Postdoctoral and Research Fellowships at the Courtauld, undertaking research on sculpture during the English reformation and revolution, before taking up his current post as Teaching Curator at the Ashmolean Museum in the University of Oxford. Jim is a Londoner, a dad and a cyclist, and would usually rather be at Lord's, watching the cricket.

  • Philippa_low_key_thumb

    Philippa Owen

    Philippa is an Oxford educated historian with specialist training in Art History. A qualified teacher with over 15 years experience as a resident guide and teacher at Dulwich Picture Gallery. For the last two years she has been on an intensive course learning about this great city. A Londoner all her adult life, she enjoys all aspects of the city, from the architecture to the food markets, from the parks and riverside walks to the galleries and city churches. Her particular interests are the quirkier, less well-known places which only a long standing Londoner gets to know.

  • Lawrenceinthebm_thumb

    Lawrence Owens

    Lawrence travelled and excavated extensively in Israel, Jordan and Egypt before attending the University of Durham where he studied archaeology. He specialised in ancient human remains during his Masters' at Liverpool University Medical School, followed by a year of travel and excavation in the UK and Africa. He won a scholarship to attend University College London, where he wrote his Doctorate on ancient populations of the Western Mediterranean basin and the Canary Islands. He currently lecture at Birkbeck College, University of London. He carries out research at London's Natural History Museum and spends several months each year working on a major archaeological project in Peru. He is also connected with excavations in Egypt, Bolivia, California, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Spain, where he works with a forensic unit recovering the fallen from the 1936-1939 Spanish Civil War. In addition to his research, he has interests in the classical world, ancient Assyria, geology, palaeontology, twentieth century art history and the history of London.

  • Ruty_image_thumb

    Ruth Shlovsky

    Born in London, Ruth has also lived in Israel for many years.
    She trained at the Rubin Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem, where she studied Voice and Piano and received a degree in performance in both instruments.
    She is also a qualified Music teacher and for many years taught Music to children and adults of all ages.
    Returning to London in 2000, Ruth undertook a number of intensive courses learning about the History of this great City which she loves. She recently earned an MA in Art History and just enrolled in a PhD program.

    Ruth has a particular interest in Jewish London and loves taking people round the atmospheric markets, little alleyways and old synagogues bringing the sometimes turbulent history of the old Jewish quarter to life.
    She also has a keen interest in the Artistic and Musical history of London and has created walks which illustrate the musical and artistic diversity of this city through Handel and Jimmy Hendrix, to 2000 year old Roman archeology and 21st C modern art.

  • Tony_anderson_thumb

    Tony Anderson

    Tony Anderson was born and grew up in London, and has lived there since university. He has a great wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm about his “home town”, particularly since qualifying as a Blue Badge guide in 2002. His speciality is the extraordinary history and development of London both as a royal city, a place of government and as a centre of enterprise and culture, through its palaces, churches, museums and galleries. He now works full time in guiding, and loves to share his fascination for the enormous variety of interests and experiences on offer in London and South East England.

  • Anna_harden_profile_0_thumb

    Anna Harnden tryon

    Anna Harnden is an independent curator working on historic and contemporary exhibitions for public institutions such as the British Museum as well as contemporary commercial exhibitions at her own gallery. Having lived in London for over eight years and working within and with many of its institutions, Anna enjoys providing the occasional 'behind the scenes' moments as part of her tours.

    Throughout her career she has curated exhibitions and displays for the British Museum including Treasures of Heaven: Saints, relics and devotion in Medieval Europe and historic and contemporary collections in Treasures of the World's Culture. Prior to this she managed the Southwark Art Collection and worked at The Wallace Collection. Whilst studying for a BA in History of Art and an MA in curating at the Courtauld Institute she co-curated the contemporary art exhibition East Wing VIII On Time including Anthony Gormley and Mark Wallinger and the exhibition Once Upon a Time Artists and Storytelling including Paul Gauguin and Tracey Emin.

  • Img_3157_thumb

    Sean Moran

    Since leaving university in 1982 Sean has lived and worked across the globe in a near 30 year career as a senior executive in financial services. He put his skills and knowledge to work in the Charity Sector in the UK for 7 years but decided life was too short to not focus entirely on his passions for people , history, art and architecture.
    When not guiding Sean is restoring a Georgian House and serving as a Parish Councillor. He is a freeman of the City of London and a freeman of the City Livery company of Clockmakers. He lives in London and Wiltshire.