Chinese Market Walk

To explore the complexities of China's cuisine, this Shanghai walking tour starts off with a market visit. Inside, our guides, who are food writers in Shanghai, will talk about the cornucopia of ingredients commonly used in Chinese cooking—some of which won't be found in the West. After feasting our eyes, we'll walk to a restored villa for lunch, where we'll eat dishes made with some of the ingredients we've just seen.


Shanghai, the Accelerated City

While the rest of the world struggles with recession, China explodes with growth. Cities spring up overnight. Or, as the case of Shanghai, are transformed weekly. On our scholar-led Shanghai walking tour, we'll look at the forces shaping China's economic growth and how this is playing out on the ground here. We'll explore the extreme contrasts of the emerging metropolis, and have a local scholar frame some of the major issues for us.


The Bund and Shanghai in the 1920s

Stretching along the riverfront from Suzhou Creek into downtown, Shanghai's "bund" formed the epicenter of the international settlement in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Beyond being an incredible collection of Western architecture in an Asian city, what made the Bund so important? This curved embankment sat at the crossroads of the cultural, economic, and political fervor centered around Shanghai before and during its Golden Age—and looks today much as it did then. During this walking tour along the Bund, we'll explore the social and political history of the Bund with a local historian.

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